Home Sports The Betis debacle in Barcelona accelerates the signing of Ramón Planes

The Betis debacle in Barcelona accelerates the signing of Ramón Planes

The image that Pellegrini’s team conveyed from midfield to defense raised the alarm

Ramón Planes cannot rest for a second as the club’s sports director Betis. Even though Abde set the tone and Isco’s adjustment was meteoric, the defense is leaky. The departure of Luiz Felipe did a lot of damage and neither Bartra nor Chadi Riad were able to give Betis consistency. Just look at the disaster against FC Barcelona, ​​where Pellegrini’s team lost 5-0.

The club was forced to sell Luiz Felipe to Saudi Arabia as the market was already closed. Given this situation, the defense is struggling as Pellegrini currently only has three players for two positions. Therefore Ramón Planes is working on a new signing for Betis.

Ramón Planes still has a job at Betis
Ramón Planes’ work during the market was exceptional

Ramón Planes is very concerned about Betis’ defense

As we have learned in the last few days,The two players offered to Betis were Víctor Ruiz and Feddal. Both players know the club very well and could be a perfect replacement for the green and white team. However, the sports director has many doubts as to whether his arrival would actually have an impact on the team.

Given this situation, we knew that Ramón Planes is looking for alternatives on the market. Alternatives, yes, that wouldn’t be an option for now, but would have to wait until January. However, Pellegrini would be willing to wait until he gets a player who can really be more useful as the season progresses.

Gabriel Paulista urges

With the coach’s approval, Ramón Planes would think about it the possibility of trying to sign Gabriel Paulista. The Brazilian footballer from Valencia CF is among the players who will leave the team at the end of the season as the club has no intention of extending his contract. That’s why there could be a change of scenery in January.

Without a doubt, and although its level has fallen in recent months, The signing of Gabriel Paulista significantly improves that of Víctor Ruiz or Feddal. Not just because of what he can contribute on the field, but also at a leadership level in the locker room. That’s why Ramón Planes prefers to sign the Brazilian to Betis, even if he has to wait several months.

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