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The Betis bombshell on the market already has a name: Javi Galán

Everything is in place in the Betic squad to sack Juan Miranda while hiring his replacement, the Cáceres full-back who failed to make his official debut in the mattress team.

Despite the fact that Javi Galán’s new team is Atlético de Madrid, his destiny is beginning to project in the future Real Betis Thanks to Juan Miranda. Several sources close to the Madrid team have confirmed this extreme side He feels deeply uneasy as Diego Simeone hasn’t used him a single minute in the two league games.

The situation puts Javi Galán on the brink of collapse and he would have asked his representative for a way out towards a club that takes him into account. That could be Betis, who is fairly certain Juan Miranda, his left starter, is on any Premier League team’s agenda. Furthermore, this is the period when the young Sevillian has not renewed with the Betic unit.

Betis Javi Galan
Javi Galán wants to leave Atlético without having made his debut precisely because he has no minutes.

Javi Galán has already reached an agreement with Betis and all that’s left is an agreement between the two teams

It’s a fact that the former Huesca winger is quite frustrated at not being able to add a single minute this season. And a lot more since he was without a doubt a regular in his previous teams. But the reasons lie in the fact that Cholo Simeone still has no confidence in the player’s qualities and therefore prefers to use a winger than a winger (Yannick Carrasco).

This situation could be favorable for the Heliopolitan team as it will be easier for them to let Galán out. Of course, Enrique Cerezo will have the last word. But as it is, the man from Extremadura will certainly give up the mattress discipline. Now the two companies just have to reach an agreement where the transfer number is most certainly the chosen one.

Having just arrived at Atlético, the transfer would most likely go to Javi Galán

The fact that Simeone’s left-back is not used. That doesn’t mean that the rojiblanco club will give it up for good. In these cases, Andrea Berta gives these players the opportunity to shine at other clubs.. And when they show they are up to the task, they are returned, as was the case with Samuel Lino or Rodrigo Riquelme.

In this case, Betis seems to be the best alternative for the Madrid team. In order not to permanently disconnect from Javi Galán. Therefore, the transfer is the most appropriate and convenient formula for Ramón Planes. As such, the Cáceres man’s timely arrival at Benito Villamarín will depend on Juan Miranda’s departure for Newcastle.

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