The best vacuum cleaners of each type to buy in 2022

We chose the best vacuum cleaners Bagless and with, water vacuums, upright vacuums, portable or cordless. From the cheapest to the quietest, all of which are a buy in 2022.

Our choice takes into account several criteria such as price, noise, power, maintenance requirements and accessories, in addition to the overall versatility of each. vaccum cleaner.

The best vacuum cleaner is from FLAMAwater vacuum

the flame 1667 FL is one of the best budget bagless vacuums and is extremely versatile. It can suck up solids, liquids or fine dust particles and it also has a blowing mode. It has a perfectly stable base, essential for vacuum cleaners.

After each cleaning session, the 15L bucket easily detaches from the head (motors and filters) and the handle wraps around the top, but not automatically. The vacuum cleaner has a radius of action of 7 meters, HEPA filter, demanding power of 1600 W.

❌Cleaning the 1.5L tank tends to spread dust
❌ Periodically it will be necessary to change the filters
❌ It will be necessary to periodically change the bags (consumables)

The vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power is from BOSCH

Bosch ProFamily Series |  6

THE BOSCH Series 6 BGS41FAM It is the vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power on the market, intended for domestic use. It is designed to vacuum and clean pet fur, with more filters to ensure better cleaning.

We liked the range of accessories and brushes included with this bagless vacuum, as well as the quality and construction materials used. In addition, it is a silent vacuum cleaner, relatively compact and easy to store thanks to its shape.

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For a thorough cleaning, for those who have pets, for those who are looking for a silent vacuum cleaner and can already invest a little more, the BOSCH product is a safe bet. It is relatively quiet: 69 dB.

❌There are cheaper solutions on the market

Before you go, discover the best upright vacuums on the market, with solutions for all budgets. In addition, you see the best cheap robot vacuum cleaners, with ideal products for cleaning and saving.

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