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The Best Pastry Chef: surprise visit from Louane and Julien Doré in the episode of this Thursday, October 21

It’s going to cook to music this week for the Best Pastry Chef candidates, who will be surprised to receive Louane and Julien Doré.

“Our amateur pastry chefs will be transformed into musicians of flavors for a week under the sign of music,” announces M6. “For this well-orchestrated week, an exceptional jury will invite themselves to this culinary concert, starting with Pierre Hermé, pastry virtuoso, elected best pastry chef in the world in 2016. And for the first time in the history of competition, two essential artists of the French music scene will join our jury to judge the achievements of the pastry chefs: Louane and Julien Doré ”.

And the candidates for the Best Pastry Chef did not expect it … While Marie Portolano challenged them to make a pastry on the theme of a song, they were surprised to see the two future jurors of The Voice Kids disembark one after the other in the tent.

The two singers didn’t just watch the pastry chefs cook, they also tasted the preparations. “I didn’t think I would tell you so quickly but I like your ganache …”, notably launched the facetious Julien Doré to one of the candidates.

The trials of the day

In Cyril’s challenge, amateur pastry chefs will have two hours to revisit a great pastry classic: the opera.

During the technical test, the thirteen candidates will have to produce an LP, an incredible cake topped with a whirlwind dressage. They will have to add a chocolate ring printed with a musical score.

Finally in the creative test, the pastry chefs will have to stage the song of their choice “at the heart of a playful and gourmet creation”.

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