The best kitchen robot in 2022


THE best kitchen robot on the market in 2022 is the Thermomix of the latest generation (TM6) in Portugal. It is the most complete, versatile, with more functions, accessories, recipes and a dedicated online community, but there are other kitchen robots to consider.

We have Monsieur Cuisine from LIDL, prioritizing the price / quality ratio, followed by the Yämmi 2 of the Continent, the Chef Express of sweet touch. For large quantities, we have the Cuisine Companion by Moulinex, or the Cooking Chef by KENWOOD.

Thermomix TM6 is the best kitchen robot

Vorwerk has in Thermomix TM 6 the latest version of the kitchen robot known in Portugal as Thermomix. It is a product prepared for the future, which connects to the Internet, smartphone or computer and is intuitive to use.

The new Thermomix TM6 can mix, weigh, chop, grind, grate, whisk, knead, boil and steam, ferment (for yogurt or homemade cheese). It does all of this with more precision, simplicity or power than other solutions on the market.

It has a total of 20 functions, of which we highlight:

It has various accessories (10) such as the “Bimby” book with recipes, 2.2-liter mug, leaf, measuring cup, cup lid, spatula, blender (butterfly), net, basket with lid and steam cooking kit.

Guided recipes on the big screen and the Cookidoo corona Thermomix service

The Cookidoo recipe portal, with 6 months of free use, then costs 36 euros per year. The recipes submitted by the user community are free, which is a great advantage of this food processor.

Recipes can be reflected on the 6.8-inch color touch screen. Its use is intuitive and for step-by-step guided recipes it is essential, perfectly fulfilling its intelligent functions.

The price of Thermomix is ​​your biggest obstacle

This is the most versatile product, easy to use, even for those who do not cook, it is the most intuitive and competent in terms of cooking quality. On the other hand, it is the most expensive product, with the price of 1275 € to be the main obstacle to your purchase.

It is also worth mentioning that the new Thermomix TM6 can be purchased in installments at the time of purchase through the official store. There, you can also schedule a home visit and demonstration to learn about their capabilities in person.

The best price / quality is Mounsieur Cuisine Connect from LIDL

4gnews selected LIDL’s Monsieur Cuisine Connect based on selection criteria such as price / quality ratio and product characteristics. There are Continent and Pingo Doce alternatives that fall a bit below the LIDL robot.


Whether for cooking or making desserts, this unique LIDL food processor is of German origin and has established itself as a practical, feature-packed option. Whether for weighing or steaming, this robot matches or exceeds its competitors in the same segment.

Comes with kitchen accessories, measuring cup, lids, blades, whisk, spatula, steamer, and a recipe book. Stand out immediately with its large 7-inch touch-sensitive color display.

It has a Wi-Fi function that guarantees you an internet connection to download more recipes and update the software. It also features “Cooking Piliot”, a step-by-step guide with more than 200 recipes already included.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect vs Yämmi 2 vs Chef Express

The Yämmi 2 XL from the continent, for € 321 is the cheapest option on the market. It can grind, knead, whisk, blend, grate, chop, emulsify, pulverize, heat and cook in various ways, including steam, but it does not have smart or wired functions.

The Pingo Doce Chef Express, at € 399, is the most expensive robot of the three and does not have the smart features of the LIDL option. Its preparation and cooking capabilities are comparable to Monsieur Cuisine and slightly exceed Yämmi 2.

That said, we see that the LIDL all-in-one, for its price, maximum temperature, large color screen, smart capabilities such as Wi-Fi connection and synchronization with mobile devices, is the best solution for those looking for an alternative. budget to the new Thermomix.

Model Yämmi 2 XL Chef Express Monsieur Cuisine Connect
Capacity (l) 3.7 liters 2 liters 3 liters
Temperature 37 to 120 ° C 37 to 120 ° C 37 to 130 ° C
Speed ​​(rpm) 40 until 10,500 rot. 120 until 7000 rot. 120 until 5200 rot.
Weighing machine up to 6 kg up to 3 kg up to 5 kg
Power (w) 1500W 1500W 1200W
Connectivity No No Yes (Wifi and app)
Price 321 399 359

Against its main rivals, the LIDL option is second only to the Yämmi 2 XL in the maximum cup capacity, although not by much. In addition, of the three options, it is the MFP with the lowest RPM at 5200 rpm, losing here with both.

The best all-in-one for hearty meals is from Moulinex


As the price starts to rise, we find more automatic programs in the kitchen machines and Moulinex Cuisine Companion is no exception. There is also an improvement in component construction materials, here in stainless steel.

THE the price is around € 589 and stands out for its large capacity of 4.5 liters for meals up to 6 persons. For this reason, we highlight this Moulinex robot as the best option for large families. There are already other versions with a smartphone connection.

As negative points we highlight the lack of Wi-Fi connection, or mobile devices, as well as the small screen that limits its capabilities by not allowing guided and visually easy-to-follow recipes.

KENWOOD Cooking Chef, the most professional but expensive solution

Alternatively, for those looking for even greater skills, we have KENWOOD Chef de Cuisine for € 970 at Amazon.ES, powerful and accurate. The robot can prepare meals for up to 10 people thanks to its 6.7 liter cup and has 20 automatic programs.

On the other hand, it does not have a touch screen, WiFi or mobile device connection, which limits its appeal to the general public. It is an expensive option and not as smart as its Thermomix rival.

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