The best goal of Pelé’s career

The goal of the four hats

This is the best goal by Pelé that has ever been seen. Occurred

in 1959 in the Paulista championship. Pelé was only 19 years old

when he made this prodigious move…

…Starts after Pelé receives a pass

in front of the Dorval area. The Brazilian star does

pass the ball over Julinho’s head and repeat the hat

then about Clovis and Homer. before the exit

of ‘Manos de Tigre’, nickname of the rival goalkeeper, lets the ball bounce and returns

to pass it over. He culminates his wonderful move with

a header to send the ball to the bottom of the arc.

The pact with Puma

The Puma ‘King’ were used

by Pelé in the 1970 World Cup.

The German brand offered

to the star 25,000 dollars for

show them off during the competition.

During the match against Peru,

Pelé asked the referee to pause

the game to tie the shoelaces.

In this way, in the first

world broadcast in color,

all tv cameras

they focused on the brand new

footwear of the player. Was

a masterpiece

of marketing.

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