The best business in the world: millionaires thanks to a car of 2,200 euros

in full inflationary Business Cycle, the market of classic cars is turning out a very safe haven for the investments of the luckiest. It is demonstrated by the most prestigious auctions, where extraordinarily sought-after pieces, such as the one at the center of this story, reach inconceivable prices and multiply their value in almost geometric progression.

Every year the annual auction is held in California (United States). Gooding & Co., in the idyllic beachfront setting of the Omni Amelia Island Resort. In an environment of vacations in the sun, the most famous collectors come to this important event to buy or sell their jewelry on wheels

In the last edition, All eyes have been on a very rare specimen, that has stood out from the rest and has raised its last bid to $18,045,000, the equivalent of €17,030,690 to the current exchange rate between currencies.

A fortune that can be explained because it belongs to a limited series of Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. At the beginning of the sixties, 37 units of this car were manufactured in Maranello.

A unique Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

And among those few, this one was even more special, since it was destined to be exhibited in the 1962 New York International Auto Show. For this, the Ferrari was painted in an exclusive color metallic blue and endowed with unique technical features. This is how it differed from the rest of the very small production assigned to this model.

But apart from the great exclusivity of this mythical Ferrari and its high price, the most surprising thing about the story is the adventure that it has lived since its distant landing in the United States and the beneficial business that it has provided its owners.

After showing off at the New York salon, the beautiful Italian convertible was acquired by a wealthy neighbor from Hollywood, who used it until 1970, when he suffered a serious accident damaged the car considerably. So, faced with the situation of a repair which was advertised as very expensive, the owner sold it to two enthusiastic collectors in the area, Charles Betz and Fred Peters.

Specialized in the Ferrari brand, they acquired the damaged vehicle for 2,200 euro, an almost ridiculous price for such an exceptional car, even if it was damaged and saved the time passed since then.

V12 engine

Since then, the Ferrari of the sixties, one of the most coveted eras by devotees of the brand of cavallino rampant, he slept the sleep of the just in a Californian garage. And it wasn’t until the arrival of the new century when the owners decided to undertake its complete restoration.

The process has not been easy, much less cheap, but the meticulous reconstruction has earned the approval of the Ferrari Classiche department, which has officially certified the work and that all the parts of the car are original, as if it had just been manufactured in the own factory from Maranello.

Now this wheeled treasure has changed hands for the incredible sum of 17 million euros and its lucky owner can rest assured that the 250 GT SWB will continue to appreciate over time.

Meanwhile, you can revel in starting the engine 3.0 V12 of 240 CV and three carburetors and listen to his superb sound, just as if it had just come off the assembly line of the Ferrari factory years ago. seven decades.

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