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The best acts of the Picnic 2024 Festival in Costa Rica (Weekend 1)

What you need to know:

The Picnic 2024 festival took place in Costa Rica. Sopitas.com had the opportunity to attend the event and here we discuss some of the best presentations we saw there.

The music festival scene in Latin America has grown. By this we don’t just mean Mexico or the large live events industry that has developed in South America… We’re talking about the Picnic Festival in Costa Rica.

We had the opportunity to be there the 2024 edition on the first weekend (February 10th). And here we tell you about the best acts we saw there in Costa Rica.

Best Acts at the Costa Rica Picnic Festival 2024
Sopitas.com presents Picnic 2024 on the first weekend of the festival. Photo: Andrés Salgado.

The best acts of the Picnic 2024 Costa Rica Festival

Wiz Khalifa reminded us of his best rap moment

Remember back in the early 2010s when Wiz Khalifa was at his best?? Well, the Pittsburgh native brought a little nostalgia to Picnic 2024 by closing out the first weekend of the Costa Rican festival.

The rapper opened hard and direct with “Black And Yellow.” on the Hideout Stage, a stage with the peculiarity of being located in a pavilion in an entertainment center. It was quite strange because since it was a platform in an enclosed space, it gave the impression that we were inside one Headline show or at a private event.

Wiz’s attitude…what a great guy, bringing smiles and pure good vibes to the audience furthest along the track. Themes like “Roll Up”, “No Sleep” and “We Dem Boyz” to remind us why he was one of the most popular rap figures of the 2010s.

Wiz Khalifa on the Hideout Stage of Picnic 2024. Photo: via the festival’s social networks.

There were those who enjoyed the show on a different level. When Taylor Gang arrived on set, Wiz Khalifa smiled: He asked his security to bring someone from the audience onto the stage. It was obvious that he was a Fan from hell which made him nostalgic because, among other things, he wore the rapper’s look from the time when he wore the afro and dyed half of his hair.

Imagine the madness the fan unleashed with a hug that will surely be unforgettable for the boy. And if that was an epic moment, the show reached a new level with “See You Again.”The rapper showed on the screens a in memory where he paid his tribute Paul Walker, DMX, MF Doom, Kobe Bryant, Mac Miller, ASAP Yams, Nate Dogg Lil Peep and even more stars.

Great presentation from Wiz Khalifa that wrapped everything up “Young Wild and Free”. It couldn’t end better, with a song that takes us back to those days of innocence and easy fun. As I said, the nostalgic mood was just right at this show at Picnic 2023 in Costa Rica.

Julieta Venegas loves the Picnic Festival

Seeing Julieta Venegas is great anytime, anywhere. Now we had to enjoy their set at Picnic 2024 in Costa Rica… And we have to say it: The Ticos love the Mexican singer like no other. We already expected it, but the great affection and recognition that Julieta generates outside Mexican territory remains surprising.

Juli’s presence is nothing new at the festival. In fact, she played right here a few years ago, and although his return to the Central American country was recent, the reception was warm and energetic. Their set began with some of their newer songs, particularly from the album Your history as “Tell me the truth”, “Walk alone” and “Same love”.

There she shared a little about the inspiration behind “That Path.” According to him, the song is about remembering how in childhood we saw everything with surprise. “I think we need to regain that innocence.”mentioned the artist.

Julieta Venegas had a great reception at Picnic 2024. Photo: Andres Salgado.

The excitement grew even more Julieta Venegas He began to play his classics “Lento”, “Limón y Sal”, “Something is changing” and “You are for me”.. And by the way, he remembered a little about his last performance at the festival a few years ago, a strange moment when they had just arrived to start playing when it was raining and everything.

But still, Julieta was optimistic and with that good mood that characterizes her, she always wanted to do it. Even at that show at Picnic 2024, when her performance was interrupted by some minor technical glitches that forced her to restart a song, she laughed and apologized to the audience for the inconvenience.

And what did the public do? He applauded her and cheered her to show her that she is very loved. despite all the circumstances. The show ended with “I’m leaving,” with Julieta Venegas promising that this wasn’t a farewell, but a “see you later.” How nice to see such an important Mexican artist being so popular in other parts of the world.

Bizarrap showed us how to reinvent your sessions

Night fell on the main stage Picnic 2024 in Costa Rica and then it was Bizarrap’s turn to do his thing. Already at this point we know of his talent as a producer, creating songs and beats ranging from electronic to hip-hop, to name just a few styles.

And in this sense, their live show is characterized not only by the anticipation of listening to their compilation of sessions, but in the versatility he shows when he reinvents each song. Not only is he an outstanding producer; He is also a DJ who can do crazy remixes.

Bizarrap performs on the main stage at Picnic 2024. Photo: via festival social networks.

If the original basis of the session with Nathy Peluso is old school hip-hop, the Biza turns it into a frenetic techno that doesn’t disappoint. Something similar happens when the session with Residente plays, which turns into a techno-dubstep that no one would have expected.

EITHER The hip-hop house rhythm from the session with Villano Antillano becomes a pure and simple minimal liveaccompanied by visuals that are a little reminiscent of what Tale Of Us does with his show Afterlife.

There was even a moment a very Mexican section in which the Snow Tha Product sessions were played, followed by those of Peso Pluma. Bizarrap said the show at Picnic 2024 was his first this year… We’ll see what’s next for him in the coming months.

Residente and its message about creativity over prestige

Residente arrived at Picnic 2024 as a headliner and with great expectations. The Puerto Rican has barely confirmed the release of his new album and although his recent speech revolved around the fact that he is uncomfortable with the current music industry, We have to say he looks motivated so it comes with this next album material.

Bizarrap had already played the session on stage and René showed us his ability to reinvent rhythms and bases. And Residente wasn’t far behind, once again show their commitment to live music with a very versatile backing bandwhich at times gave us great elements of Latin jazz and other Latin American folk rhythms to give the show a special touch.

Residente was a headliner at the Festival Picnic 2024. Photo: via the festival’s social networks.

René Pérez Joglar – his real name – has made clear this very special movement that he makes with his arms when he sings verses. And at some point he invited the audience to join in one of the songs, We convey the message that we should enjoy lifeHe dedicated this moment to those who are no longer with us, to the students of Costa Rica and all of Latin America… He asked everyone to hug each other in a jumping manner. “We will jump across this country; “Costa Rica is a bastard”said.

And of course songs from Calle 13 were also in the repertoire. Of particular note, however, was that he played a new song from his new album. We don’t know what the song is called other than what it says in the chorus “I am an unsolved problem, a bastard problem” and that it is composed with a certain influence of blues rock. It is something completely different from what has been heard before; He himself says he doesn’t think you can hear it on the radio.

It was announced that the song will be released on February 20th. And beyond that, Residente left a message at Picnic 2024 that will resonate with many: “The most important thing is to be creative, even if there is no prestige”.

Shaggy catered the 2024 picnic in Costa Rica

Our visit to Picnic 2024 leaves us with something very clear: Costa Rica is a country with a very strong tie to reggae in its music scene.l. Since it is the largest festival in Central America, it is not surprising that there is a stage (the Stage Jogo) dedicated to pure reggae acts and the occasional ska act.

Names like Los Cafres and Steel Pulse played on this stage and raised the mood to the main character, who would be Shagg himselfAnd. And yes, we know: many will believe that the Jamaican is a One-hit wonder what the success of “Boombastic” meant in the 90s.

But when you look beyond the bigger picture and see him with this very particular approach to reggae, it’s fair to say he’s an absolute icon.

Illustrative image of Shaggy. Photo: Facebook.

Although it took half an hour for him to come out to play, people were completely devoted to him from the first moment. And Shaggy also showed from the first songs that he is a showmanHe walks from side to side of the stage and does the forbidden steps whenever he can.

It is a topic with an infectious effect, also driven by the great support band that plays with him. All great musicians, right?

The songs played were “Mood” or “In the Summertime” for a powerful and fun party. As Shaggy himself said: “Costa Rica is a reggae country…” and we confirm it with this visit to the Picnic 2024 festival.

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