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The BCRD will put into circulation a new RD$1,000 bill as of November 18

El BCRD pondrá en circulación un nuevo billete de RD$1,000 a partir del 18 de noviembre

The Central Bank reported tonight that as of Friday, November 18 of this year, a new bill of RD$1,000.00, year 2021.

In a note, the institution indicated that this bill, whose manufacture was ordered through an international public tender in January 2021, contains the same security features of the RD$1,000.00 bills that currently circulate, which will maintain their liberating force for the payment of all public and private obligations.

The Central Bank stated that this bill is issued by virtue of the provisions contained in articles 228, 229 and 230 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic and article 25, literals a) and c) of the Monetary and Financial Law No. 183- 02.

"The Central Bank urges citizens to, in case of any doubt with this or any banknote or coin, consult the informationavailable on their website"highlights the note.

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