“The batting is quite strange,” the Team India player reacted after Rizwan’s run-out

Mohammed Rizwan

Pakistan started the Asian Cup 2023 with a bang. Pakistan defeated Nepal in the first game by 238 runs. In this game, Pakistan’s bowlers and batsmen put on amazing performances. Because of this, the Pakistan side managed to book the win, but riots broke out in that game after Pakistan wicketkeeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan was eliminated. Now Ravichandran Ashwin has said a big thing about it.

Rizwan runs out

Pakistan’s star batsman Mohammad Rizwan was oddly eliminated against Nepal. As Rizwan ran between wickets, he was actually not wearing a helmet and was looking back at the ball while taking a single. He was then kicked out by a direct throw from Nepalese outfield player Dipendra Singh. Had Rizwan dived, he could have avoided being kicked out, but he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Because of this, he tried to avoid the ball. After Rizwan’s dismissal, the fans and captain Babar were also upset.

Ashwin said that

India team’s star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin said the height of the throw made it difficult for Rizwan to escape despite being a player who constantly dives while running between the wickets. When you’re not diving, it’s weird. The reason is that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Rizwan likes to play spin and in a situation like this it’s pretty weird to hit without a helmet.

Pakistan won the game

Pakistan was the first to get a big score of 342 runs. Babar Azam scored 151 runs and Iftikhar Ahmed 109 runs for Pakistan. At the same time, Mohammad Rizwan got out after 44 runs. The Nepalese team was sent off for 109 runs, allowing Pakistan to win the game by 238 runs.

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