The Baskonia turns on in attack to release locker

Baskonia’s first victory (81-79) in this Euroleague, also with a decent score. So far he averaged 57 points per game after 50 in Piraeus and 64 at home against Milan. Ivanovic’s men appeared in the match with 0 wins and 2 losses and Panathinaikos, with a 1/1 record after their great comeback against Fenerbahce.

The two teams had met 28 times in the Euroleague with a draw at 14. The clover team did not have top-level European players, apart from Papapetrou or Papagiannis, who is the Greek who has been chosen in the best place in the league. history of the NBA draft, in position 13. Evans, in addition, had won the 2012 dunk contest of the American professional league. But Macon, White or Floyd have not served in high-level franchises. Despite this, they are all very physical and care must be taken with the greens.

Giedraitis started scoring and, in addition, he helped a lot loading the rebound, especially the offensive. The Vitorians took the initiative in the first installment but the departure of Perry, much more inspired than Macon in the direction, fired at the Athenians in the final stretch of the first quarter. He went to the bank with 7 points and left the light at 15-17. It was a very even period with alternations on the scoreboard.

Enoch entered the field as soon as the second installment began and obtained four consecutive points. But the great protagonist before the break was Sedekerskis, who even made the final triple on the horn that left things in an interesting 40-35. The second quarter was won by the Alava team by 7 points. He was superior on the rebound and, in addition, he only committed 6 losses in the first 20 minutes. That, coupled with a good shooting percentage, left Baskonia facing the game.

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Granger was 0/8 from 3-pointers so far in the Euroleague but, in one minute, he made two. In this way, he added the number 199 in his Euroleague history. As in the first quarter, the local part forced the Panathinaikos coach to request a time-out as soon as it started. But from 49-38 he went to 57-59 with a stellar White. Luckily Marinkovic made his first triple of the game. They were actually the first points I got in this Euroleague. Almost on the horn but 61-59 with ten minutes to go.

Fontecchio, Giedraitis and Granger had a great game but the unexpected guest in the victory was Tadas Sedekerskis, who left the game with 3/3 on shots of 2, 3/3 on 3s, 6 rebounds (3 in each basket) and a attendance. He did not play the final stretch of the crash due to blood on his elbow. Yes, Macon did, who chained two triples that put fear in the body of the dedicated stands. The last Greek possession, with Papapetrou as the protagonist, was very well defended by Jayson Granger. And it is that Ivanovic wants his players to be in love with defense. Putting it in later, with such a talent, is understood. Not always but against Panathinaikos it did happen.

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