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The Barcelona squad does not understand Ronald Koeman

It is not only the fans who do not understand the approaches of Ronald Koeman that, after more than a season, has not consolidated a game idea and continues to show that it is difficult for him to compete against the great coaches of the European elite. The players of the first team are also not very conscious with their idea of ​​the game.

As reported by the Sport newspaper, the staff of the FC Barcelona he was surprised to see Ronald Koeman’s zero reaction after a first half where they barely passed half the court and Bayern Munich was far superior in all facets of the game.

A tactical review of German

Julian Nagelsmann gave him a review at the tactical level with various adjustments during the game (the position of his sides, interior movements of Leroy Sané to attack the Busquets area, surveillance without ball to the trivot of the Blaugrana team …) and the squad was surprised before the few variants that his coach contributed.

The line of three throughout the game was a surprise. Neither player expected them to ever take risks in the match while they were still alive for the score. The first changes came with the score 0-2. The FC Barcelona dragged by the field.

Ronald Koeman still does not convince at FC Barcelona, ​​despite the fact that many media defend him and he himself says that he has no more. He has never shown himself to have a level to be in the elite and, beyond having a coach who does not respect the philosophy of the club, the problem is that they do not have a coach of the first or second world level.

Without a level coach, it is impossible to compete for the titles. And the players have already realized this.


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