The Barça takes off in the last quarter and obtains the victory in Seville

Coosur Betis cannot break the bad streak and chains its fourth consecutive defeat in Liga Endesa (61-78). A last room in which the locals let themselves go, tipped the balance to the side of the Barcelona, which in a very demanding week and with many games, adds one more victory and remains undefeated in Liga Endesa.

Barcelona started steamroller mode, with success both on the outside and inside, putting a 0-8 partial on the scoreboard. The local reaction was not long in coming. Almazán and Todorovic managed to get Betis In the match with two consecutive triples, they would be the only ones the local team would score in the first half. The entrance of Jokubaitis gave Barcelona a facelift, who managed to finish the first fight four up.

Those of Jasikevicius began to tighten in defense, with a very high pressure and with a lot of intensity in their field, allowing very little to the Sevillians. With the entry of Kuric the maximum advantage was achieved in the first half, 10 up. The rebounds, both offensive and defensive, of Betis and the enormous work of Todorovic made sure that the locals did not let go. Betis, very damaged in the annotation and with very bad percentages in attack, survived thanks to the inner game. For its part, Barcelona made a first half with ups and downs. Jokubaitis and Kuric gave oxygen to the team in key situations. At halftime the visitors won 8, 29-37.

The second half of the game began with a Betis who squeezed everything they could to Barça. The locals managed to convert 9 points in three minutes. Those of Jasikevicius noticed the lack of Mirotic, that in those difficult situations his association with Higgins is key to emerge afloat. It was a room with very little rhythm, where the fouls were more protagonists than the game itself. In fact, that amount of fouls was what kept Joan Plaza’s men in the game, who they saw the staff line as a solution to get closer on the scoreboard. Barça was hurt by the bad percentages in triples, getting a 0-3.

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The problem from the 6.75 line was quickly resolved by the Catalans at the beginning of the last quarter, with two consecutive triples from Laprovittola and Smits. Carrington’s injury weighed heavily on Betis in the fourth quarter, that he was not playing his best game, but he is still a key piece. In this situation, Higgins put the direct, and helped by Smits, impeccable both outside and inside, sealed a hard-fought victory against a Coosur Real Betis who did not give up until the last quarter.

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