The Barça points to the triumphs with the exchange of goals

There was no doubt that Barça would win their ninth league game, because at the Palau everything is more complicated for the rivals, and no matter how much Anaitasuna studied the precedents and intuited that they could find an exhausted rival, there was no case: 38-30 (19-16).

He has not told it but It is possible to think that Quique Domíngues reviewed the Benidorm-Barça (25-26), and from that meeting he extracted some clue for this clash. Yes Barça has fewer troops, if it has many players melted because they do not stop making commitments, if they do not train with the assiduity required by their domestic and international obligations, the best thing could be to put rhythm to the crash. Direct attacks, in less than five passes.

Barça accepted the challenge, Well let’s go to the race. And since it has more wardrobe, a bench full of quality to change those who are on the court without being noticed, the meeting at times was an average of 80 points, That was lowered a bit because there were two halves in effectiveness in both halves.

It is difficult to beat a Barça that way, when the individual game prevails, when it is personal actions that culminate the attacks, And that Anaitasuna put into practice almost the entire second half the attack with seven, two pivots and without a goalkeeper, which, it should be noted, did not penalize him excessively, the change was well adjusted with the goal, the backlash bothered in the loss to grant that second of relief.

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In the end 38-30, with Makuc standing out at Barça because there is no doubt that it is this type of match that suits him like a glove. Pablo Urdangarín came out again because Gómez had a day off, and Mem went to the shower with only one goal: they didn’t need more on their team,

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