New Delhi / Dhaka: Nearly 10 million people have been affected by the worst floods in 20 years in India and Bangladesh.

At least 116 people have been killed so far in storms and floods in India and Bangladesh, while the Bangladeshi city of Sylhet has been completely submerged.

Heavy monsoon rains in India and Bangladesh have submerged an airport and knocked down cell phone towers, bridges and power lines, cut off communications to millions and forced millions to flee. ۔

Boats have started plying the streets in Sylhet. On the other hand, 32 out of 35 districts of the Indian state of Assam have been inundated and there is a severe shortage of drinking water in various places.

Environmentalists have warned that the floods could intensify in the next few days, with some Bangladeshi government officials calling the recent floods the worst in the country since 2004.

Hundreds of thousands of people are still trapped in flood-hit areas as emergency workers struggle to reach those affected. The monsoon rains in the flood-hit areas of the two countries have caused further misery, displaced millions of people and cut off communication.

In Bangladesh, schools have been turned into temporary shelters, and the army has been deployed to evacuate families cut off from neighboring communities as a result of rising water.