The average saving when buying second-hand products is 40% compared to buying new

The average saving when buying second-hand products is 40% compared to new products. This is confirmed by the company specialized in the purchase and sale of second-hand products Cash Converters.

The company that extends the useful life of products that are in perfect condition ensures that savings can reach up to 80%, depending on the type of product.

According to the analysis made by the company by category, in the case of smartphones the average savings is 40% with respect to the same new product, being the iPhone 12 and 13 one of the most consumed, with an average saving of 25%.

In the category of audio and music prices are on average 60% lower. In the case of headphones ear (such as Buds or Airpods) the average savings is 35%, the speakers bluetooth (such as JBL and Sony) 40% and classical or acoustic guitars (such as Alhambra or Ibanez) 40%.

In the category of sports and urban mobility second-hand products cost half as much on average as new ones. The best sellers are electric scooters (such as Xiaomi), with an average saving of 35%, and mountain bikes (such as Orbea), with a saving of 50%.

In the household products prices are on average 60% cheaper. In the case of kitchen robots (such as Thermomix TM6) it reaches up to 35%, in robot vacuum cleaners (such as Conga) they are half to half price, and electric drills (such as Bosch) are 45% less with regarding the new product.

Finally, according to Cash Converters, the average savings in the jewelry section is 52%.

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The end of the new, the challenge to demonstrate the quality of second-hand products

The price is one of the reasons that drive users to reuse products, but also a greater awareness of the importance of the circular economy and care for the environment and greater confidence when consuming them.

To demonstrate the great quality of second-hand products, Cash Converters has launched this month #TheEndOfTheNewa challenge in which users have compared two similar products (such as mobile phones, sports equipment, consoles, etc.) to decide which is the new one and which is ‘Converters’.

“With #ElFinDeLoNuevo our goal is for users to be aware that the second hand product is just as good as the new one. We want to prove it and the best way is to make users the ones who can compare them”, assures Sergio Pintado, CMO of Cash Converters. For that reason, The company has now revealed that all the products that users have bought during the campaign to guess which was new and which was not, were actually all second-hand.

With this campaign, Cash Converters once again demonstrates its informative and awareness-raising work to position the second-hand market as an alternative to buying new products and as a driver of the circular economygenerating a positive impact on the environment by extending the useful life of products.

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