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The average purchase expense in eCommerce increases by 11% to € 2,336

Total average spending on online purchases this year amounts to € 2,336, 11% more than in 2020. And not only that, the average outlay has increased this year in all the categories analyzed, being the rest, gaming and training the three that show a more prominent increase.

The most purchased products in the last 12 months were fashion, leisure, footwear and accessories, health and beauty, and mobile devices. The percentages of online buyers with the highest growth compared to the previous year are cars and accessories (+ 6 points), footwear and accessories (+4 points), and fashion and leisure with a growth of 3 points in both cases.

According to the Cetelem study, study unit of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, a 85% of buyers on-line have noticed substantial improvements in logistics processes. Among the most mentioned aspects are delivery times with 53% of mentions and digital tracking of the order with 31%.

Regarding returns, we observe a decrease in the number of consumers who claim to have made an online purchase in the last 12 months. 36% of respondents say they have returned a product compared to 38% who said it in 2020. Clothing and footwear were the ones that were returned the most.

According to the Observatory, seven out of ten buyers on-line they have made some of their purchases through their mobile or tablet. Fashion, leisure and footwear and accessories have been the most acquired through the Mobile Commerce.

In 2021, they increase 4 points for purchases through social networks (13%, compared to 9% in 2020). Instagram shoots up (44%, compared to 35% in 2020), although Facebook remains the first option, it should be noted that it decreases significantly compared to the previous year (49% vs 60% in 2020). Eight out of ten respondents consider that the shopping experience on social networks is very good or good.

About the main obstacles not to make purchases through RRSS, the lack of trust continues to be the most mentioned by Internet users with 37%.

Looking at the next twelve months, the majority purchase intention is shown in leisure (72%), fashion (71%) and travel (66%), in all cases with records higher than 2020.

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