The attacks on the temples do not stop in Pakistan, the fundamentalists ruined the idol of Durga

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The idol of Maa Durga was destroyed by the fundamentalists


  • The fundamentalists created many riots in the temple and looted
  • This is the ninth major attack in the past 22 months.
  • The attack took place at the Nariyan Pura Hindu Temple in Karachi.

Karachi: The attacks on Hindu temples in Pakistan are not taking the name of stopping. In the latest attack, extremists vandalized an idol of the goddess Durga at a Hindu temple in the Pakistani city of Karachi. During this, the fundamentalists created many riots and looted the temple. This is not the first attack on a Hindu temple in Pakistan, even before that there have been many attacks on the temples.

If seen, this is the ninth major attack in the last 22 months. The attack took place at the Nariyan Pura Hindu Temple in Karachi. Extremists looted the temple. Destroyed the idol of the mother. This has created anger among the Hindus who live there.

This attack shows that fundamentalists fear no one, as the Supreme Court is continually issuing warnings about the attacks. The Imran Khan government claims it is protecting the temples.

Let us tell you that even before this, fundamentalists had destroyed a temple in the Badin area of ​​Sindh. Fundamentalists have attacked temples many times in the past. Just a few months ago, a Ganesh temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province was attacked by extremists. In this attack he also destroyed all the jichas kept in the temple. The attack was condemned by all, after which Prime Minister Imran Khan promised that his government would renovate the temple.

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