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The Athletic Club El Correo undermines Uriarte’s successes by promoting the referendum group philosophy Mairenis Gómez – December 6, 2023 – 1:00 p.m

The Athletic Club de Bilbao is facing an internal debate about its philosophy and future direction, as a large group of members are set to propose a referendum on the club’s philosophy

Next month of January A group of 250 of Athletic’s 44,000 members will present a draft referendum. This referendum aims to strengthen the team’s philosophy at a time when Uriarte’s direction and recent successes play a fundamental role, since the team has found the right direction under Valverde’s orders.

Athletic strengthens its medium-term project

The Athletic Club, known for its strong identity and commitment to local values, is in a period of renewal and success. The recent renewals of key players such as Sancet and Nico Williams They symbolize a project for a modern and promising future. The aim of this project is to combine the club’s rich history with a vision for the future that adapts to the changes in modern football.

A group of Athletic members want to propose a referendum to strengthen the club's philosophy
The Uriarte board is clear about what the medium to long-term project is.

The influence of the press and the role of El Correo

In this context, El Correo, the best-selling newspaper in Bizkaia, took an active part in the debate, generate discussions and opinions among fans and partners. Some see this medium as an intention to influence or control the direction of the club. But many others value its role as a platform for dialogue and reflection on the future of Athletic.

Tradition vs. Modernization: A Delicate Balance

The essence of Athletic Club has always been its strong local identity and commitment to its youth players.. This philosophy is both his trademark and his challenge in an increasingly globalized world of football. The current debate is not just about maintaining these traditions, but also about adapting them to ensure the club’s competitiveness and success in the future.

The Role of the Athletic Board and the Members’ Referendum

The Uriarte board has shown its commitment Strengthening the club philosophy and promoting local talent. However, the referendum proposal from a group of members indicates a desire to be more actively involved in the club’s key decisions. This reflects a growing trend in modern football. A modern football in which fans and members seek greater influence in the management and direction of their teams.

While The Athletic Club is preparing for these challengesThe question is how to balance your unique identity with the demands of an ever-evolving sport. The referendum decision and the board’s actions will be crucial in determining the club’s path in the coming years.

Under Uriarte’s leadership, the Athletic Club has demonstrated a clear and ambitious vision for the future. With the integration of young talent and a management that respects the club’s roots, there is optimism and expectation among fans. Even more after that the recent renewal of Nico Williamswhich represents progress for the club.

The Athletic Community: More than a football club

Based on the entire compendium of factors, we can determine this Athletic Club de Bilbao is more than a football team; It is a community and a symbol of local pride. The decisions made now affect more than just performance on the field. Also the club’s relationship with its fans and its place in Basque society.

The discussion about Referendum and the future of Athletic It reflects the passion and commitment that the members, fans and the board have for the club. This process is not just about sporting strategies, but about maintaining and adapting an identity. An identity that plays a central role in the lives of many generations in Bizkaia.

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