The Aston Villa, "Draw" Martinez and the October Playoffs

South American troubled river, win for Europeans … It could be one of the conclusions of what happened this weekend with the papery suspension of Brazil-Argentina for the Qualifiers. The increasingly visible outpost of European clubs against national team football could have found a great argument with what happened in São Paulo and One of the first to go overboard was the CEO of the English Aston Villa, where the Argentines Emiliano “dra “Martínez and Emiliano Buendía are active.

Christian Purslow referred to the “disaster” of Brazil-Argentina in dialogue with the British BBC and announced that things like this make “incredibly nervous” to the clubs that own the players’ passes.

“It’s a disaster. What happened in Brazil was one of the most extraordinary things that I have seen in football in my entire life. I still don’t really understand what happened but it was very unfortunate and harmful for the sport when it was already we had done everything possible to reach an amicable arrangement with the AFA to allow our players being in very important matches “, claimed the businessman, with a managerial past in Liverpool and Chelsea.

“Already we have a significant calendar problem with the South American Qualifiers Purslow continued, “so I hope a sensible agreement will be reached between now and October because no one wants a repeat of what happened.” Otherwise this would make any reasonable club executive is incredibly nervous about loaning players to travel to their countries in the midst of this crisis. “The next Knockout window will be October 7-14.

It is worth remembering that, prior to the start of the FIFA Qualifying Date, the 20 Premier League clubs -also the Portuguese, Russian and Spanish league, although the veto of the latter did not prosper due to a ruling by the CAS- voted unanimously to ban their players from traveling to countries that are in the pandemic “red list” of the United Kingdom and that includes Argentina and Brazil, and numerous Latin American, African and Asian nations, complicating the realization of Qualifiers other than the European ones.

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Finally, Martínez and Buendía, like Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso (from Tottenham), traveled to join the National Team during the triple date, but they left the continent before the clash against Bolivia this Thursday to fulfill a 10-day quarantine in Croatia – it is not on the “red list” – before returning to England. Contrary to that of, for example, the 9 footballers summoned by Tite for Brazil and who are active in the Premier, who chose to obey the English league guidelines and remained in Europe.


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