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The Aston Martin revolution already has a date: Fernando Alonso will eat Verstappen

The British team prepares a great revolution on June 18 to compete with ‘Checo’ Pérez

This season has been the best for Fernando Alonso after his arrival at Aston Martin. And it is that nobody expected that he could reap four podiums in the five races that have been held to date. The Oviedo native this year has starred in one of the best starts of his career.

So, looking at the performance of the car and Fernando Alonso, expectations have grown and they are no longer satisfied with only third place and in Aston Martin they want more, and they are convinced that they can achieve it. In addition, the illusion has been awakened among all its fans who are looking forward to victory 33.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Alonso receives the best news from Aston Martin with the date of the improvements

Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso prepares its greatest revolution

The cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, where many teams were expected to introduce improvements, has changed the plans of the teams and has turned the Spanish Grand Prix into a more key date than usual. However, in the English box they will introduce improvements as they arrive.

The intention was to introduce them to Imola. However, before the cancellation of the Grand Prix in Italy, those from Silverstone backed down, to the disappointment of Fernando Alonso, who stressed that “from Imola there may be a change in the order of the grid, depending on the improvements that each one makes“.

In this way, Canada the witness of the development of the AMR23

However, the great revolution of the Aston Martin team will have to wait for something else. As reported by Antonio Lobatothe date indicated in the calendar where the green brand will introduce its first major package of improvements, will be June 18 at the Canadian Grand Prix.

There will be no great evolutions, the great change awaits for Canada. Alonso, with Aston Martin, has an affair with the podium, but he wants more. Under normal conditions it seems unlikely that he will close the gap with Red Bull, but they can take an important leap, ”Antonio Lobato admitted to his supporters.

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