The Association of Footballers of Valencia begins the procedures to create a residence

The Valencia CF Footballers Association has made this Thursday March 30 its traditional Ordinary General Assembly corresponding to the year 2023 in which accounts have been approved annual reports of the previous year as well as the estimated and expected budget of income and expenses for the current year. Accompanying the Association has been the financial director of Valencia CF, Inma Ibáñez.

Before more than fifty Associates, the president, Fernando Giner, together with his Board of Directors have informed that the entity You will participate in new activities this course as well as to promote health and sport in adults with INCLIVA and the Valencia CF Foundation. Besides, the reminiscence project will be reactivated, destined for nursing homes, stopped due to the pandemic. The objective is to stimulate and recover through football memories associated with childhood, youth and maturity. Thus, seeks to slow cognitive decline in older people.

Intimately related to this, Giner has revealed that, after meeting with the president of Valencia CF, Layhoon Chan, they are going to start the procedures to study with Valencia CF the possibility of creating a residence for the elderly for those people who defended the shield of Valencia CF. Not only players, but also managers, partners and employees who have contributed to magnify the name of the club. The problem, as always, the president has warned is that “a significant financial contribution is needed but we are going to start the procedures with public and private institutions to be able to carry out this beautiful project”.

Regard to the Mestalla Centenary party and a civic march on the occasion of the hundred years of life of the stadium, Giner has reported that an ideal date is being sought to carry it out.

In purely economic terms, the Association has closed the year with a small surplus but without ceasing to comply with all its founding principles and faces the year with a budget of 472,569 euros, practically the same as before. Direct and indirect aid to the most needy footballers has been the main bulk of our spending. The Board, formed by Giner, Juan Sánchez, Toni Payà, Guillot, Luis Miguel Alcalá, Baraja, Bossio, Subirats, Curro Torres, Luis Pascual, Arturo Boix, Jaume Doménech and Gayà only undergoes a change of functions, José Manuel Sempere will be the new treasurer.

Regardless of the numbers, it cannot be forgotten that the Association’s main objective is to help our most needy colleagues and our Society, without also neglecting another of the main foundational objectives such as is to promote Valencianism as one of our hallmarks, having to face different challenges in the coming years, one of the main ones being the increase in older associates who require help, as well as actions aimed at other associates. This is one of the items to which a large part of the Association’s annual budget is devoted.

The activities of the Association of Soccer Players

Within the activity of the Valencia CF Footballers Association during this 2022 financial year, we must also highlight the different sports sections of a social nature that we manage.

A Youth Soccer School in Alaquàs, intended for children between the ages of five and eighteen. We have 16 federated teams and 1 non-federated (Cherub), within the 16 federated teams we had 8 Football 8 and 8 Football 11, with a total of 301 students, 17 coaches, 1 coordinator and 1 administrative.

A Grassroots Soccer School in Loriguilla, intended for children between the ages of five and twelve years. We have 3 federated teams and 1 non-federated (Cherub), within the 3 federated teams we had 3 Soccer 8, with a total of 39 students, 3 coaches, 1 coordinator and 1 administrator shared with the Alaquàs School.

A Futsal Academy located at the Patronato Juventud Obrera school in Valencia, intended for children between the ages of five and eighteen. We have 8 federated teams and 1 non-federated (Cherub), within the 8 federated teams, with a total of 110 students and 6 coaches, 1 coordinator and 1 administrative shared with the AFVCF.

The Valencia CF School for Wheelchair Footballers or “A-Ball” It was born with the support and sponsorship of the AFAE (Association for the Promotion of A-Ball in Spain), facilitating the integration of people with disabilities and the education of all those interested in sport, both players and coaches. We currently have a team led by Miguel Ángel Bossio.

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