Home Sports “The AS Award makes me excited, it combines values ​​and results”

“The AS Award makes me excited, it combines values ​​and results”

“The AS Award makes me excited, it combines values ​​and results”

-Menudo trio: Pedroso, Yulimar, Peleteiro.

-Iván appeared many years ago and in 2016 I was between retiring or starting to train with him. He didn’t make it easy for me, but he picked me up when I was in a bad physical and mental state. It was a challenge that she accepted and we began to build the Ana Peleteiro that I am today. In addition, there is the wonderful group that we have formed Fátima (Diame), Héctor (Santos), Tessy (Ebosele), Alexis (Copello), Yulimar (Rojas). There is a brutal atmosphere and that shows a lot when it comes to work. Everything is going smoothly.

– Precisely with Yulimar he starred in that ‘Olympic Moment’ that AS awards. What memories do you have of that moment?

-It’s funny because it seems like it was yesterday and at the same time 20 years ago. I remember it with great fondness as an incredible, brutal moment, but I’m already thinking of repeating it in the next championship and hopefully the places will be exchanged (laughs). It is a wonderful experience that I will teach my children and grandchildren tomorrow if I have them.

-Are you excited about the AS award?

-Normally we athletes are lazy to go to collect prizes because it takes you out of your routine and involves a small sacrifice, although I like to put on your heels and spend some time outside of your comfort zone, but I have to say that when I was younger I received many and I did not know how to value them. That’s why now I’m excited because it took a lot for me to get back in the status of being recognized. When they give me an award not only for the results but also for the values ​​and the legacy that I leave on the track, I like it even more and this AS Award, which brings both together, makes me even more excited.

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