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The Argentine National Team beat Jamaica and the illusion for Qatar continues to grow

The Argentine National Team beat Jamaica and the illusion for Qatar continues to grow

With excellent football passages, a very tight performance mainly in the first half and the spirit through the clouds, The Argentine National Team defeated Jamaica 3-0 in New Jersey (United States) and closed the last friendly window prior to the World Cup in Qatar in the best possible way. Julián Alvarez and Lionel Messi twice scored the Argentine goals.

At the time of praise, we must consider the weakness of the rivals who had the Argentine National Team in this last shift. In this case, Jamaica only showed daring and intention to handle the ball during the first five minutes of the first half. But when Lionel Scaloni’s team got going, there was almost no game. The superiority was decisive and the advantage that had been achieved with Julián Alvarez’s goal after 12 minutes seemed scarce.

The Selection exhibited for more than half an hour, a quite complete and refined repertoire. He stopped his defense almost in the middle of the pitch, released the full-backs Montiel and Tagliafico and with the ball on his side, he moved it judiciously and quickly and found the game easy inside and behind the Jamaican midfielders. When he lost it, the pressure was firm and determined to recover it as soon as possible and start a new attack.

Lo Celso could have been the axis of each advance because each time he brought the ball from the middle, he found very clear passing lines and people at different heights who moved forward and to the sides. Lautaro Martínez didn’t stay so on top but he went down to connect with his midfielders and his leading position was occupied by Julian Alvarez’s diagonals from the left. The Argentine goal was an example of all this movement: Tagliafico went up the left and combined with Lautaro who hooked inside the area, cleaned Lowe and launched the cross that Alvarez connected to the net.

the public asked for it and 9 minutes into the second Lionel Messi came on for Lautaro Martínez (Enzo Fernández also did for Guido Rodríguez). Argentina kept up the pressure, but lost game volume and incurred some inaccuracies in handling the ball. And Messi only appeared in the game at 22, when he eluded two Jamaicans and Blake sent his left foot to the corner..

But at 40 minutes, with a left-footed shot from outside the area and at 42 with a low free kick, Messi scored the last two goals and gave an unbeatable closure to a night in which When he proposed it, the Argentine National Team made it clear that it will arrive in Qatar with a very tight operation and high confidence. Another will be the story when the ball starts to roll in the World Cup.


E. Martinez





Mac Allister

G. Rodriguez

Lo Celso

Say Maria

L. Martinez

J Alvarez

DT: Scaloni.













DT: Hallgrimson.

Stadium: Red Bull Arena (New Jersey).

Referee: Marco Ortiz (Mexico).

Goal: 12m J. Alvarez (A); 85 and 87m Messi (A).

Changes: 54m E. Fernández by G. Rodríguez (A) and Messi by L. Martínez (A), 69m Gray by Nicholson (J), 70m De Paul by Mac Allister (A), 77m J. Correa by J. Alvarez (A) , L. Martínez for Di María (A), Molina for Montiel (A) and Parris for Brown (J).

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