The archer Rebollo lit the cauldron of the House of Spain

The goalkeeper Antonio Rebollo remedied himself, and although this time it was with the virtual launch of an imaginary arrow, lit the cauldron of the House of Spain of the Paralympic Games. A nod to the iconic and legendary ignition of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games where he did it with a real fleca in the Olympic stadium of Montjuic. This time he was escorted by the Infanta Doña Elena, honorary president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, the president, Miguel Carballeda, and as ambassador of Japan in Spain, Kenji Hiramatsu.

The Paralympic House of Spain, with an avant-garde, practical, elegant and cozy design, arises with the idea of ​​an ideal place to follow the Paralympic Games, open as a meeting point until September 5, installed in the Sports and Cultural Center of the ONCE, at the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana in Madrid, where in parallel Daily activities inspired by Japanese culture will be developed, which supports the initiative.

The inauguration of the Paralympic House of Spain practically coincided with the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games, followed by the giant screens, strategically placed in the four environments prepared in the Palace, cooled in the sunny areas, and with natural shadows in the large garden to alleviate the heat at critical hours.

In the main courtyard is Shibuya, where the giant screens are located on which the competitions of the Games will be projected, with live connections with the athletes and virtual experiences will be held. Today, for example, the sports director of the expedition was in charge of opening this type of connections from the very Opening Ceremony.

Infanta Elena excused her absence in Japan “due to health limitations”, recalled that she has always been “with the Spanish Paralympians”, to whom I wish “all kinds of successes in Japan.”

During these days, the Paralympic House of Spain is hosting the traveling exhibition NonconformistasDelDeporte that the Spanish Paralympic Committee has launched with the help of CaixaBank, on the history of the Paralympic movement.

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