The Arab world offers the cheapest Internet in the world

Kuwait City: Kuwait has become the cheapest Internet provider in the world.

According to the details, the cheapest mobile Internet in the world is provided in Kuwait, a new global survey says that mobile Internet prices in Kuwait are the cheapest in the world, telecommunications companies provide mobile data by the gigabyte. price.

Top Dollar, a center for financial studies, has published a report based on data collected from around the world. Offers the lowest priced mobile data for

It also looked at the best price in the world, as well as the price per gigabyte compared to local income, to determine the price of cheap mobile internet.

Regarding the worst value of mobile data, Namibia tops the list with .3 11.36, followed by Syria with 3. 3.2, Cuba in third place (8 2.82), Panama in fourth ($ 2.34) and Tajikistan in fifth. 1.89).

The study shows that Namibia ranks first in terms of data costs due to low network speed, indicating that the average annual income of 9 out of 10 extremely cheap countries is 30%. More than 000 1000.

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