The anxiety to get on the podium destroyed the Guerreras

The farewell to the Guerreras was very sad for what has the painful defeat so wide (28-35) after a regrettable match that is only justified in the growing anxiety that had the players of José Ignacio Prades gripped. At times they weren’t on the court, they weren’t the fighters from other games, as if they had lost all physical strength in the previous eight games.

The Spanish defense did not exist: the 6-0 was not correct; 5-1 was not practical; and the mixed was just used to run different things just in case. Denmark sank the Spanish women, took them to six meters, and there they always executed, as was malicious. Without contacts, without opposition, the arms of the Danes were pure dynamite.

Nor was it the day of a good attack, With 11 turnovers in neutral positions, what if a bad pass, what if a bad reception, what if a few steps. They were not aggressive losses, in dangerous situations, which have an explanation, because when he simply falls from the hand if no one around is symptomatic of a nervous breakdown,

And if that is added to the fact that the goalkeeper Toft was right, and that ours did not specify the simple one-on-one situations that were so difficult to bring to change, the difference in the scoreboard is understood, which was not more because for a few minutes, the last ones, self-love was recovered so that in the last 10 the gap did not grow.

The culminating moments of the match were the last 10 minutes of the first match, when Spain conceded and did not impose speed on their game, slow and predictable, and the first five of the second half, in which Denmark definitely turned off the Spanish fans, desperate at what was happening and out of breath. The Danes took bronze eight years later, and the Spanish will continue to have nightmares about the final in Japan, where in one minute they lost the gold medal. Today’s game is difficult for them to remember beyond counting the seven-game winning streak in this World Cup.

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