The announcer Brea Frank returns to the radio in Santo Domingo, explains how he will have one foot here and the other there

The radio host and producer Brea Frank has been characterized by leading a career so far away from scandals, with a work nuanced by respect for the public.

The young communicator, who works for the international network Univisión, has now announced the launch of “Brea Frank, La Universidad de la Calle”, a new program of which he is the head in Santo Domingo.

“I have made a decision which is to undertake my own project,” explained Brea, in conversation with LISTÍN DIARIO, adding that this was something he planned to do when he was at Mortal 104.9, from Grupo Telemicro, but he received the offer from Univisión.

The new space, produced in collaboration with Caribbean Media World, will arrive from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. through Exa 96.9 FM.

It will be a program dedicated to entertainment and in which everything will be discussed: politics, gossip, music, but taking out the funny side, laughter, but without forgetting the other two precepts of the media, which is to educate and inform.

Although he returns to work in his country, This does not mean that he will leave “La Gozadera”, from X 96.3 FM, in New York, what it will do is give more heat to the local square. “The United States is the best country to live, to earn money, but there are more important things. The family theme has an extremely impressive weight ”, he explains, and also considers that all the talent that is Dominican there, wants a presence in their land.

In the international chain they have expressed their absolute support for this step of his talent. “We are proud to be able to work with Brea Frank for her return to Dominican radio with her new show,” said Jesús Lara, president of Univisión Radio.

The executive highlighted the growing cultural and economic influence of the Dominican community in New York, this in conjunction with the phenomenon that the La Gozadera program has crossed borders through the United States and the Caribbean, along with the young communicator.

Considered a guru within the diffusion of local urban music, Francis Alexander Brea, the full name of the communicator, is concerned about the excess exposure that the vulgar themes of some of these interpreters have. That is why you want to move from words to action, and do something so that some change can be made.

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“I am making a preliminary draft to give it to some authority,” he says, convinced that the State must intervene, so he would like to have a rapprochement with a government entity that works in this area.

Of course, he does not have in his proposals the idea of ​​censoring the exponents, because he defends freedom of expression, but he does believe that what comes out through the traditional media can be controlled.

“What are we doing as a country, as a society, so that every day fewer turn to making vulgar music? How many music schools are there in Lavapiés, my neighborhood?” idea that formal education includes music teaching.

Understand that with these tools, children will have a greater openness when consuming this art, and will also have a greater openness of genres and styles, in case they decide to dedicate themselves to music. “Sometimes we judge these boys, I don’t justify it, but there also has to be a state policy for them to expand their knowledge,” Brea considers.

But Brea Frank not only understands that this order to which she aspires should be done only with music, but also with figures of communication. “There must be a body that regulates that. In the United States you can’t do it, because they sanction the station or you can lose the license, ”says Brea.

He hopes to be able to serve as an inspiration to new talents in the area, who understand as valid his defense that it is possible to speak of showmanship with height. “Everyone chooses the route to achieve what people call success,” concludes Brea Frank.

Protagonist.“Brea Frank, La Universidad de la Calle” is the name of the radio program of the young Dominican communicator, who nevertheless will continue to maintain his presence on La x 963 NY & La Gozadera with his daily radio space broadcasting from the Dominican Republic, in addition of cultural events of Uforia, and activations with clients, hand in hand with Univisión.


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