Getting more views became more expensive, the license to fly the plane of the famous American YouTuber Trevor Jacob was revoked.

In today’s digital age there is a battle of followers and views where social media users are ready to go to any lengths to succeed.

One such incident occurred in November last year when American YouTuber Trevor Jacob crashed his small propeller plane into the mountains of Las Pedres National Forest in California to get more views.

Jacob reportedly made a video of a safe landing by parachute when the plane’s propeller stopped working.

Three weeks later, he posted a YouTube video titled “I Crash My Plain.” Which went viral immediately and was viewed by over 2 million people.

According to reports, the FAA also noted that Jacob had installed several cameras on the exterior of the aircraft before takeoff to film the entire incident, however, after the investigation was completed, the Federal Aviation Administration Revoked his pilot’s license and barred him from re-applying for one year