The American billionaire opened the mouth of his treasure for students

An American billionaire, Robert Hale, opened his treasury to the students and gave each one a thousand dollars.

According to foreign media, an American billionaire, Robert Hale, gave a prize of 11,000 dollars to students who graduated from the University of Massachusetts. The number of students who received this award was 2500.

According to the report, envelopes of cash were distributed by Robert Hale among 2500 students of the university. Each student was given two envelopes containing five hundred dollars. One envelope was for the student and one envelope was given to a deserving person or charity.

On this occasion Darya Dal Robert Hale said that these are difficult situations, you guys will celebrate that you have succeeded, you have overcome the difficulties and it is not an easy task.

They said we are proud of you and want to join you in this joy, we are giving you two gifts, one for you and one for donation.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Robert Hales has given cash gifts to students. In May of last year, he gave 1,000 dollars to 150 students at Roxbury Community College. In 2021, he also graduated from Quincy College. A cash prize of one thousand dollars was given to the students who completed it.

Robert Hales is active in philanthropy, his assets are worth $5 billion and so far he has donated $280 million to cancer research, educational institutions and other charities.

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