The Amazing Spider-Man 3: The fans are campaigning massively – 10 incredible fan-made posters

After Spider-Man: No Way Home and its massive hit, the new movie that just hit the top of almost every Marvel fan’s list is The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Whereas Tobey Maguire and Tom holland both resulted in three solo spider-man films, Andrew Garfield saw his trilogy end prematurely at two films. The trend Amazing Spider-Man 3 is in the top Twitter of the month, this is not a spoiler element of No Way Home. The remainder of this article, however, contains important spoilers from the film.

WARNING: The article below contains spoilers from No Way Home.

No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home saw the expected return of former franchise stars Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. For now, nothing is planned for the return of either actor, let alone as part of a solo film. Many fans desperately hope that Marvel studios and Sony will team up again to be a game-changer in the near future. The events of No Way Home particularly aroused among fans the desire for a third Amazing Spider-Man, with the feeling that the actor still has at least one film to his credit in the role of Peter Parker.

Kevin Feige has formalized the return of Tom Holland for Spider-Man 4. A new trilogy with Tom Holland is in the pipes, although it was ultimately denied. Tom Holland for his part regularly expresses a feeling of weariness playing the character. At the same time, with Marvel’s separate universes – MCU and Sony’s, where the Spider-Verse is currently evolving without Spider-Man there is room to introduce Andrew Garfield if the actor and the studios so wished.

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In the meantime, the fan-made flood the web. Here’s a selection of posters for Amazing Spider-Man 3. Looks like fans have a little idea of ​​what script to adapt.

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