The amazing dream of LeBron James, in which he faces Michael Jordan for being the ‘GOAT’ of the NBA

Without a doubt, two of the best players of all time in basketball are Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

Their names always come up in the conversation about who the real one is. ‘GOAT’ nba and a face-to-face game in the best version of both, would have seemed epic.

to the star of los angeles lakersthis came true… at least in a dream he had.

He shared his dream on social networks

ā€œJust woke up from a dream where Michael Jordan and I were fucking nonstop at the National Championship game between North Carolina and Duke ā€“ great vibes and classic, epic gameplay! It was a 94-94 tie game with 5 seconds remaining and Carolina with the ball. My butt woke up to go to the bathroom just before watching the end of the match.

It always happens, you never reach the end. Still, it felt very real. Good morning everyone”, were the words of Lebron James On twitter.

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