The alarms go off in Alpine with the cocky attitude of Fernando Alonso

The Spanish rider has given some statements that have not gone down very well

Ferdinand Alonso Y Alpine they are already preparing for a new season on the Formula 1, where it will be key what they do before the start of it. For this reason, the French team is already working to offer its drivers a car in optimal conditions. A direct fight is sought with the current monarchs of the competition.

And it is that the past year has left the best sensations to those of Enstone, since as for the Constructors’ Championship they managed to maintain the fifth position. This was one of the great goals they had set for themselves. In addition, it is the starting point for 2022, where there will be changes in the regulations.

Fernando Alonso Alpine
Fernando Alonso and his statements give something to talk about again

Alpine goes on alert for Alonso’s statements

Let’s remember that until a year ago, Alpine was contesting the Formula 1 queue and now with Alonso and Ocon things have changed. Due to this change in mentality and performance, the objective now will be to climb positions. Although in the middle of it, the Oviedo has had an attitude that has not gone down well with his bosses.

As has been known, Alpine, from its CEO Laurent Rossi, has confirmed that they will fight until the 2024 season. This has caused confusion in both the pilots and the rest of the engineers, since the stipulated date was for 2022. On this, Alonso has revealed something that may be frowned upon in the French team.

There is no plan for 2022 according to Alonso

Recently, Fernando Alonso has chatted in a friendly way with Joaquín, Betis player and with former basketball player Fernando Romay. There, they have discussed various topics and one of the questions that was asked of the Alpine driver was about his team’s plan. Given this, he has recognized that there is none of that.

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This cocky attitude may not go down well with the Gauls at all, although at the moment there is no pronouncement from the higher spheres. The repercussion and influence of Fernando Alonso is decisive and the fact of questioning the team’s plan says a lot. Everything seems to indicate that the nerves would be playing a trick before the preseason.

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