The aid to Pakistan should benefit the people instead of certain classes, America

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ned Price, has said that the benefit of the aid received by Pakistan should go to the people instead of certain sections.

While giving a press briefing in Washington, Ned Price said that we support democracy and its constitutional system, but the people of Pakistan have to make political decisions.

Ned Price said that PIM wants to see Pakistan as a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, but Pakistan has been facing economic difficulties for many years. Pakistani people are facing record inflation. We want the people of Pakistan to lead the country on a sustainable economic path and a lasting path of prosperity.

The spokesman said that we support the continuation of dealings with Pakistan, the government of Pakistan is working on an economic reform agenda, we support the reforms to improve the business environment of Pakistan, because it Doing business in Pakistan will become more attractive and competitive to the world.

The spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Pakistan is a country with great capabilities, we are partners of Pakistan. We want to ensure that Pakistan’s own resources and the resources provided by the international community and international financial institutions, including the United States, are used responsibly. International financial aid should be spent on the development of Pakistan, the benefit of this aid should go to the people instead of certain classes.

Regarding the Ned Price said that we support diplomacy to resolve the long-standing disputes between Pakistan and India. We are ready to support the dialogue between the two countries in every way but they have to take this decision themselves.

The spokesperson of the US Department of State said that the decision of the mutual negotiations between the countries is their own, if they understand the role of the US in this process, then we are ready to provide all kinds of support as a partner of Pakistan. The US has always supported constructive dialogue between Pakistan and India through meaningful diplomacy.

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