Brazzaville: More than 50 people have been killed in a boat capsize in the African country of Congo.

According to foreign media reports, a tragic incident took place in the Congo River at that time. A passenger boat lost its balance and sank in the river. Rescue operations were launched after the incident was reported.

Confirming the accident, Nestor Magbado, spokesman for the governor of northwestern Mongala, said the boat was carrying more than 100 passengers, 51 bodies had been recovered from the river and about 69 people were still missing. The rescue operation is underway.

A spokesman for the governor said 39 people had managed to get out of the river on their own.

It should be noted that 60 people were killed when a boat capsized in the Democratic Republic of Congo in February this year. Unfortunately, this accident also happened in the Congo river. The cause of the accident was said to be overcrowding.

It should be noted that boat accidents are common in the vast mineral-rich country of Congo, as ships are often overcrowded with passengers and cargo, while most ships do not often wear life jackets.



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