The actress finally responded to those who made fun of Urfi Javed, putting on her own shoes

TV actress turned fashion queen Urfi Javed dominates social media because of her off-white dresses. No one can understand when Urfi should wear what to design her dress. She is sometimes seen wearing a short dress made of pieces of glass and sometimes she is seen wrapped in electrical wires. Now, recently, the actress made such a dress that no one would have imagined.

Urfi is often trolled on social media for her dresses. Some speak of blackening her face and others with shoes and stones. So after hearing these taunts, the idea came to Urfi’s mind and the actress made a dress that you will be surprised to see.

The actress has shared the latest video on her Instagram in which she is seen wearing a dress made from shoe fabric. Yes, you have read absolutely correctly. On this occasion, Urfi has made a shoe dress and in doing so, the actress has given a well-deserved response to those who troll her by saying that they would hit her with their shoes.

In the video it is seen that the actress receives an online shipment from which black and white shoes emerge, Urfi sees those shoes and comes up with the idea of ​​making a dress with them. Then, the next moment, the actress is seen wearing a dress made of shoes. This video of the actress is going quite viral on social media and people are shocked to see Urfi’s creativity.

A few days ago, while responding to trollers, Urfi had designed a similar dress in which she was seen covering her face with a black T-shirt. By the way, in addition to her videos, the actress also continues to give a correct response to the trollers with her statements.

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