The accounts of Alessio Lisci to work the miracle and save Levante UD

The Granota club will have to do in 4 days what it did not do in 34

Of all the teams that are fighting for permanence in LaLiga Santander, the Raise UD is the one who has it the most complicated and alessio lisci he knows. The Italian coach has the difficult task of remaining in the position 17 when the 38 days that make up the 2021-22 Spanish league have already been completed.

The granota club currently running in the last position with just 26 points, product of 5 wins, 11 draws, and 18 losses. They have marked 42 goals and they have conceded 66 for a difference of – 24. They are the squad with the most goals in the competition, but also the one that has scored the most goals counting the last 10 teams.

Alessio Lisci Levante
Lisci promised to fight until the last game of the championship so as not to lose his team’s category.

What do Alessio Lisci and Levante have to do to stay in the first division?

First of all, they will have to win everything that lies ahead of them, that is, the remaining 4 games. Those will be in Ciutat de Valencia against Real Sociedad and Alavés. Then they will have to travel to Madrid to face the current champion, and very close, exactly in Vallecas, they will close with Rayo, who lack a victory to ensure their permanence.

The complicated thing about the matter is that not only by winning everything do they ensure their stay for one more season in LaLiga Santander. They will have to wait for other people’s results, more exactly from Alavés, Granada, Cádiz and Mallorca. These 4 clubs are above Levante, and will have to lose points in the next 4 remaining matches.

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Alessio Lisci knows that it is extremely difficult to save Levante but not impossible

As long as there is hope, there will be a desire to continue fighting. This is the slogan of the Italian coach to come out with everything in these 4 finals that are coming up. Confidence is fundamental in this league auction, and more so when there is something as important at stake as the ticket to continue playing in the highest category of Spanish football.

The Valencian club has achieved the only 5 victories of the season under the baton of the Italian coach. He has also achieved 4 draws, but has also picked up 8 defeats. The balance is not positive but not negative either, although that tips the balance towards optimism. The fans will also play a fundamental part in the realization of this feat.

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