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The ACB and Endesa launch ‘Endesa Heart League’

The Association of Basketball Clubs and Endesa will launch the initiative ‘Endesa Heart League‘, a social program that seeks promote basketball values ​​among the entire societygives through initiatives born in the community of followers of this sport.

As reported by both entities, in this first season It will start from the project ‘Histories Basket Lover’, in which both the association and the energy company have listened to “the fan to give visibility and support to social initiatives related to the world of the basket.”

In this way, ‘Liga Endesa de corazón’ will focus on the Five main actions of ‘Basket Lover Stories’ to help them continue to grow naturally and establish its social value. For example, the recent preliminary phase of the Endesa Mini Cup has been played with the basket nets of the sustainable economy project ‘Ecoballution’, which reuses those used for fishing, and which makes the ‘redeiras’ by hand on the Galician coast.

The first event of this initiative will take place this coming Saturday in Malaga, where the boys and girls of the 675 Academy Superbasket team will live a unique experience being protagonists in the Fernando Martín Carpena as if they were an Endesa League team. A) Yes, they will play a match on center court, attend a press conference, speak to television and accompany the players in the presentation of the match to live an unforgettable experience.

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