The Abyss Realm: An Emotional Uppercut (Review)

The Kingdom of the Abyss is a Chinese animated film with a surprising style. filmmakers Tian Xiaopeng In particular, he confided that he made this film after seven years of work and a costly creative process using landscapes with ink. The history ? Shenxiu, a 10-year-old girl, is sucked into the ocean depths during a family cruise. She discovers the fantastic universe of the Abyss, an unknown world populated by incredible creatures. In this mysterious place, the Restaurant des Abysses is created, run by the symbolic captain Nanhe. Pursued by the Red GhostYour path will be full of trials and many secrets. Your underwater odyssey has just begun. Something a little mysterious that makes for a moving, touching animated film, a little special but terribly important in the themes it addresses.

The Kingdom of the Abyss talks about depression and suicide in children. A very strong choice of message that makes up the story Shenxiu pretty hard to follow. The animated feature film is therefore not really aimed at children, as the style of the production may scare them. We deconstruct the faces, we create humanoid sea monsters… For the first 45 minutes we don’t really know where the film is going… We get lost in slow stages of the scenario and characters that aren’t very interesting, apart from Shenxiu.

We get the gist of the message, but we can’t understand it because the people in the restaurant seem hideous. All considerations take too long Shenxiu But a few moments later, paradoxically, the ship managed to take us on board in countless colors.

We can’t tell you how the film manages to captivate its viewer. Maybe then the characters will finally decide to tell the truth. We would have liked a little more, especially given Nan He’s character, but it’s difficult not to let go of the constant emotions. If the film has one downside, it’s the aggressive color palette. In fact, the few action sequences take us into a chromatic orgy that is not recommended for epileptics.

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The scenario manages to create a finale that was certainly expected but implemented with incredible poetry, without making us commit to an outcome that we have seen a hundred times. We draw the positive from the problem situation and end the film without any frills. Better yet, the final shot completely breaks the fourth wall. The Kingdom of the Abyss makes you leave your life for two hours to live another one. A great adventure that will not leave you indifferent. And above all, don’t forget: “In the midst of all these gray moments, you will experience precious moments of happiness. Even if they are only short-lived. Never forget to smile from the heart.”.

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