The 8 best cheap robotic vacuums to buy in 2022

Buy a smart robot vacuum cleaner it does not force you to make a large investment. there are good cheap robot vacuum cleaners that here we introduce to those who want to clean the house in a comfortable way and even, in some cases, mop the floor.

We chose the best vacuum cleaner up to 200 euros, as well as even cheaper alternatives. These are products from Xiaomi, iRobot, Ikohs, Cecotec, Vileda and Lefant in which we highlight the power, the autonomy, the navigation system and, of course, the price.

1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 2200 Pa.
Autonomy: up to 90 minutes
control: Application and physical
Price: as € 159.99 in Mi Store Portugal

the vacuum My Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential it has good suction power, a mop system to wash the floor and a large capacity battery that gives it good autonomy. The dust container is 420 ml, with the robot vacuum controlled through the Mi Home APP. There you can change the cleaning mode, or set the weekly routine for cleaning sessions.

The construction is simple but durable, and the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner has an excellent price / quality ratio. It is an essential accessory for the smart home, being the best of the cheap robot vacuum cleaners that you can buy in Portugal.


IKOHS NETBOT S18 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 1800 Pa.
Autonomy: up to 120 minutes
control: Application, command and physical
Price: as € 139.95 on Amazon.ES

The IKOHS NETBOT S18 it is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners up to 200 euros, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Equipped with a more powerful engine, intelligent navigation and mapping through the application, it is possible to delimit prohibited areas with magnetic tape, it is compatible with Google and Amazon virtual assistants. You can wash, vacuum, sweep and dry the floor.

This smart vacuum has Wi-Fi connection, remote control, and allows you to schedule weekly cleanings. It is more powerful than the S15 model, quieter (56 dB), with various navigation modes and capable of cleaning spaces of up to 100 m².

3. Hoover Hydro Pro

Hoover HGO330HC Hydro Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: unmentioned
Autonomy: up to 120 minutes
control: Application, command and physical
Price: as € 119.99 on Amazon.ES

Model HGO330HC by Hoover is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners, combining great autonomy, automatic return to the base, two side brushes in addition to the central rotating one. It has various navigation modes from “Spiral”, “Pattern S”, “Follow Walls”, “Auto” and “Manual”. It has intuitive commands, as well as smartphone control and integration with virtual assistants.

This good and inexpensive vacuum cleaner is capable of vacuuming and washing the floor and is equipped with a mop. It also has two tanks, one for dust and solid waste with a capacity of 350 ml and the other for liquids, with 150 ml to use your mop.


IKOHS NETBOT S15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 1500 Pa.
Autonomy: up to 120 minutes
control: Application, command and physical
Price: as € 129.95 on Amazon.ES

Model NETBOT S15 from IKOHS and a smart vacuum cleaner with good value for money. You have control and mapping through the companion app, a central brush specialized in pets. The robot vacuum cleaner is capable of sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing or scrubbing all types of floors and surfaces, it is a complete and economical cleaning solution.

It also has integration with the virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, with two large capacity tanks for solids and liquids, with 600 ml and 400 ml. It is also equipped with washable HEPA filters and is highly customizable.

5. iRobot Roomba 692

IRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: unmentioned
Autonomy: up to 90 minutes
control: Application and physical
Price: as € 199 on Amazon.ES

the robot Roomba 692 It is iRobot’s most economical option with various smart cleaning capabilities, smartphone control, definition of cleaning routines, automatic dirt detection and integration of Google and Amazon virtual assistants for voice control. It has a double central brush for more efficient dirt removal and removal.

The construction is very good, with a washable HEPA filter, being easy to clean during periodic maintenance, with emphasis on the great efficiency in cleaning various surfaces, automatically returning to the base at the end of the sessions.

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6. Cecotec Conga Series 1090

CECOTEC Conga 1090 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: 1400 Pa.
Autonomy: up to 160 minutes
control: Application and physical
Price: as € 139,00 on Amazon.ES

the robot vacuum cleaner Conga 1090 Series (Connected Edition) of CECOTEC can be controlled through the smartphone application, being able to sweep, vacuum, clean the floor and mop. It comes equipped with two large capacity tanks and 6 cleaning modes, with automatic return to the base. It allows the definition of weekly cleaning routines and has Wi-Fi connection.

Highlights the autonomy of this cheap vacuum cleaner with two side brushes, integration with virtual assistants from Google and Amazon Alexa, in addition to the central brush optimized for pets. The quality / price ratio is excellent.

7. LEFANT Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Lefant robot vacuum

Power: 2000 Pa.
Autonomy: up to 100 minutes
control: Application and physical
Price: as € 119.99 on Amazon.ES

THE LEPHANT M210B It is a cheap and good robot packed with features. It has good suction power, a large waste tank – 500 ml – it is very compact (7 cm high) and narrow, allowing it to reach places where others cannot enter. Despite being the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner on the list, it has Wi-Fi connection and control through the companion app, as well as being silent (60 dB).

This robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. It has a powerful motor, high wheels and good traction, 3 cleaning and navigation modes, a side brush and a reinforced center brush, and it automatically returns to the base.

8. Vileda VR 102

Vileda VR 102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power: unmentioned
Autonomy: up to 90 minutes
control: Physical
Price: as € 119 on Amazon.ES

Vileda’s VR102 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for cleaning your home, with simple controls and robust construction. It has three navigation patterns, Zig Zag, Spiral and Automatic, suitable for vacuuming all types of surfaces and carpets. This economical robotic vacuum cleaner has a 500 ml tank, standing out for being silent, compact (8 cm) and durable.

This Vileda robot vacuum has fall sensors that prevent, for example, you from falling down the stairs. It has 2 side brushes, but few smart features. It was designed to be simple, with two modes of operation, Automatic and Silent (60 dB).

3 things to consider when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner

IRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Navigation. The type of navigation influences the efficiency and the time it will take for the robot vacuum to complete a standard cleaning cycle. The cheapest ones have random navigation that results in “hits” against walls and obstacles, being a reactive system – hit based. These robots are more subject to risks and physical damage from these confrontations.

Active (intelligent) systems use, for example, the LiDAR system to skillfully map and navigate without colliding with objects and obstacles. This improves cleaning efficiency and reduces the amount of impacts, protecting not only the furniture but also the smart vacuum. It is currently one of the items manufactured by a robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Type of control. Via a companion app for mobile devices, remote control or physical buttons on the smart vacuum. These are the three existing types, the complementary application being the most convenient, when it is well optimized and developed, allowing you to create cleaning routines and, for example, map the home, among other options.

3. Comfort and convenience. The purpose of robotic vacuums is to facilitate the cleaning process at home. As such, we believe that the more intelligent, automated and versatile they are, the better they will serve their purpose. Clean without disturbing.

Before you go, check out the best robotic vacuums on the market, with the best equipment. Also, discover worthwhile upright vacuums, if you are looking for such a solution.

The prices indicated are those that appear on the online sales platform at the time of writing this article, with affiliate links.

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