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The 7 Steps of a Woman “The Way to Beauty”

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Shamanic philosophy describes the seven steps a woman takes on her path to self-realization. Among the Lakota, it is known as “The Path of Beauty” and takes a lifetime to complete.

1. The daughter’s way.

Precocious puberty is a period from birth to the onset of the first menstruation. Children remain children during this period and can learn through their senses. If a girl is constantly influenced by positive external factors, a sense of structure, balance and respect will be created. These are traits you will need later in life when challenges arise.

2. The woman’s way.

This book is about developing a teenager’s self-confidence, independent learning, and relationships. During these years, you must learn more about yourself and develop a sense of responsibility in your life. It’s time to know your strengths and weaknesses and start exercising them.

3. The mother’s way.

From a spiritual point of view, birth is the most auspicious event in a woman’s life and will eventually change her life. When your baby is born at home without any complications, you start to feel the difference between the two worlds merging together. She is taken in by a community of midwives who teach her about childbirth and traditional Chinese medicine.

During menstruation, you suddenly have to make some tough decisions and change other aspects of your life. Sometimes it’s not easy. By learning to understand the world and his own needs, a person can achieve a personal balance that gives him power over all his desires and within himself.

It is important to recognize that giving birth is an important part of spiritual life of the woman. In fact, it can represent an initiation into the duties and responsibilities defined as a mother. In many ancient cultures, giving birth was considered one of these duties.

4. The Collector’s Path and 5. The Ritualist’s.

The two paths are not different, but they are as old as human history. Harvesting is a highly respected discipline that requires a lot of skill and attention to detail, making it one of the best ways for people to develop skills like observing the weather and studying astronomy and healing.

The woman is a fantastic cook who uses plants and mineral substances to improve her products. She does it all without any knowledge, just using her intuition and typical kitchen practices. For example, she mixes in lots of herbs and spices for more flavor instead of salt and sugar.

A good collector knows where to find, store, prepare and use items efficiently. They must be able to think of the best methods of preserving, storing and preparing substances. It is important that they do this in the most appropriate and safe way for them and their environment.

Healers take this approach because when someone is sick it is more than just a physical illness. The whole being is affected, including your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. This includes treating the root cause of the problem as well as the symptoms. For her, “doing medicine” is a continuous process of getting to know the patient and his family, spiritual state, mental state, social circle and many other aspects.

The time spent with patients in a healing process goes much deeper than just treating them for medical issues. The aspiring shaman is respectful and appreciates the help he receives in his dealings. They have a deep understanding of the spirit behind the plant, rock or crystal and can offer a range of benefits to the patient.

This part of the Medicine Woman’s work is described as spiritual, somewhat intense and primarily concerned with ensuring that she respects herself as a young woman who must learn to respect the human world and all creatures. Women have great power, so it is important for them to develop discipline and devotion. If they don’t, they escalate the chaos within their community by not keeping their end of the bargain.

Even if you are not a collector or a ritualist, it is important to be inwardly secure, deeply concerned about the spiritual life of the planet and committed to sacrificing your work and ego for your community. Along with her apprenticeship, she learned that effective motherhood and shamanism are sometimes difficult and bring unimaginable rewards. She identifies with the daily struggles of others in her community and takes some of them on as her own so they don’t have to go through what she did.

6. The way of the teacher.

As a teacher, the woman learned, experienced and grew in her own spirituality. With this newfound wisdom, she imparts it to others like an expert.

Menopause is a very exciting time for many women, especially those who have survived the workings of their bodies. As you go through this transition, try to focus on a spiritual balance or connection instead of isolating yourself. Just as you managed to come out clean and successful in the end with your hard work and patience, so will other people. She is a traditional healer who sees herself as an old woman. He doesn’t believe in progress or modernity; he follows a spiritual path and healing practices not found in the modern world.

Whether you choose to be a passionate volunteer or enjoy the feeling of solitude, you can still help so many children and families in need while making your own contribution. The way older people approach spiritual work can vary greatly depending on the type of work they are doing and their spiritual path. She is known as a role model for younger women on the road. Your power and presence inspire others and revitalize their lives.

7. The path of the wise.

The sense of balance that characterizes the universe is now deeply ingrained in her and her sense of humor. Confidence grows to reach old age instead of worrying about its turmoil. Her work scope transcended the personal and private being, the family; the community now extends to the stars. She is a sacred being who is complete.

The seven paths provide a woman with the guidance and spiritual connection she needs to channel her power. It teaches you how to use energy in healthy ways and gives you the strength, discipline, focus and determination you need to succeed in life.

Some of the benefits of riding this horse can include developing humility, order, respect, dignity and care for all creatures. Riding this horse can provide insight into your sense of self. Self-realization is a beautiful process.

There are many methods to give meaning to our lives, but this process reminds us that life is to be lived with dedication and acceptance. This can happen at any stage, whether apparently good or bad, because life is everything.

Many profound lessons can be found in the most challenging parts of life, and as such, “the path of motherhood” is always a challenge; it is the sacrifice of the ego and learning to love without attachment that is an essential part of spiritual development.

These seven paths are the stages of spiritual development that every woman must go through throughout her life. While they aren’t always pleasant, they help you along the way. Every test or difficulty we go through helps us grow as people.

With information from the book “Mother Earth, Sister Moon”. With information from awarenessevolution.org

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