The 5 signings that André Jardine demanded from América to win the Apertura 2023

The project led by coach Jardine at Club América has started with certain setbacks that raise doubts about its promising future. The signing of the gold medalist in Tokyo 2020 seems to be an emergency move by Santiago Baños, who failed to specify other options that were more attractive to team owner Emilio Azcárraga. Some sources even suggest that if they fail to lift the trophy, both Baños and Jardine could leave the club.

The 5 signings that André Jardine demanded from América to win the Apertura 2023

Faced with this pressure, the coach has requested reinforcements, many of them from his native Brazil. However, the first name discarded was that of the elite striker “Gabigol”, whose price of 20 million euros became an insurmountable obstacle.

As reported 90mina couple of names in the crosshairs are Gabriel Menino, a talented, classic-style attacking midfielder Jardine is very fond of, and Nino, a solid defender who was part of the team that won the gold medal.

Added to these three names are Guilherme Arana, a versatile full-back who can play on both flanks and even as a winger. Arana has experience in Europe and was instrumental for Jardine at the Olympics. Its market value is estimated at 12 million euros. In addition, given the lack of a center forward, the coach has recommended Rafael Elías, who will be free as of July 1 after the end of his contract with Palmeiras.

Lastly, there is the name of Paulinho, a 22-year-old winger whose card belongs to Bayer Leverkusen and is currently on loan to Atlético Mineiro, where he has shown a great level of play. Paulinho is valued at 7.5 million euros and stands out for his dribbling skills, his ability to provide assists and his eye for goals.

These six players represent the main options that Club América is following to reinforce its squad for Apertura 2023. Despite the obstacles and the pressure on Jardine, the objective is to put together a competitive team that has the necessary tools to fight for the coveted title.

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