The 5 sales of Elche CF to finance transfers

Elche CF works on a Champions League level signing

The plans of the Elche team to try to redirect the path go through a total revolution in the squad with several necessary departures and several signings in key positions

The Elche CF keep an eye on what you can achieve in the next marketsince you will have to adjust your lines if you do not want to go down, that is why you first prepare some sales that could be key. The green-fringed will have a second part quite complex season and the best thing will be to ensure permanence.

Let us remember that the squad from Elche is currently marching in the box 20 of the classification of The league Santander. Such is the concern that there is in the club that they have already made some determinations such as the change of coach. Now, everything will have to be oriented to the incorporations that must be talented.

Elche sales
The fans of Elche CF expect important signings

Elche CF prepares several sales to make quality additions

In this way, there are already five clear sales that Elche CF will make in order to change their present and that they will take advantage of in the next market. There are five players, who are discarded and have few minutes due to the little contribution they offer. With their marches, the arrival of other elements can be ensured.

In that order of ideas, the first three signed up to leave the franjiverde club are Enzo Roco, Diego González and Domingos Quina. Their continuities are not guaranteed at all and everything seems to indicate that they will leave imminently. In turn, for the fans they would be key movements, since they do not make a difference.

Collado and Pastore would also say goodbye

The other two players who would be fixed sales for Elche CF in the next market are Álex Collado and Javier Pastore. Both cases cause mixed comments in the followers, since the first offers some things different to the game of the others and the other has not had the opportunities that were expected, but is very talented.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with these movements. At the moment, it has been possible to establish that the sports management will seek the progress of these five elements as a priority. There is expectation among the fans, since after the World Cup it will be transcendental to start the second part of the course on the right foot.


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