The 5 centrals in which Barça thinks

The Barcelona He continues with his eyes on the search to rejuvenate himself to continue fighting at the top of modern football. One that needs a lot of youth and quality to be a competitive team. Both in Spain and in Europe.

The central position has evolved over the years and the Barça team has its eyes on the next replacement for Gerard Piqué. A very difficult player to replace. Not only for what he offers on the court, but for what he does off of it. More than just a central, he is a leader.

The 5 centrals in which Barça thinks

– Sven Botman: The Dutch central defender was one of the revelations last season in Ligue 1. Powerful central from above, with a good ball start and strong in the clashes. A player of just 21 years old with tremendous potential. It was part and very important of the champion Lille.

– Mohammed Salisú: To follow the moment he is living in the Premier League, a return to Spain, to an elite team, it would not be bad. He has proven to be an impressive center-back. Correct in timing, strong, fast in the fold and enjoying a great foot. A tremendous bet for the future and the present.

– Aymeric Laporte: After the arrival of his teammate and teammate, Eric García, to the Calatán club, it would not be entirely strange to see the Manchester City central defender return to Spain to play under Ronald Koeman. The Spaniard has a profile that totally fits with Barcelona. Very good at the start and excellent in defensive work. When he started in Pep’s team, he was one of the best center-backs in the world.

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– Matthijs De Ligt: Beyond his drop in level after signing for Juventus, the ex-Ajax has returned to his business. An atrocious center-back who despite the decline of the Turin team, is being one of the players in better shape. It would be a great signing and a long-awaited one after his possible arrival at Barça in 2019.

– Cristian ‘Cuti’ Romero: It seems that Barcelona is not going to give up on ‘Cuti’ Romero and will continue to be very interested in him. Even being a newcomer to Tottenham. If he continues to play at the same level as he did in Atalanta, the Argentine would be a tremendous option.


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