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The 5 Best Nude Project Campaigns

Every brand wants to identify and engage with its audience. To achieve this, the message is important and also the way in which it is communicated. If Nude Projecta Spanish urban fashion startup, lies the key to its success in brand content. And if there’s one thing this company is known for, it’s its way of engaging with the community. The content offered is 100% Z and achieves a very high level of engagement. Without a doubt the big oneThe brand’s biggest asset is its social networks. This allowed the company to grow organically and stand out from the competition. In this way, they have created a community based on proximity and gives their followers a sense of belonging.

The 5 Most Viral Nude Project Campaigns

Most likely, you have already come across one of them viral sweatshirts and hoodies on social networks. Before a launch, the company is preparing to raise expectations. We analyzed the campaigns they launched the 5 most successful nude project.

free beer

Nude Project launches its own beer: La Desnuda

Nude Project enters the world of beers with the launch of its La Desnuda brandthat comes onto the market Glovo Barcelona. To popularize this product, the company launched a Free beer gift for life and 150 sweatshirts on her Instagram. The only requirement was to follow both brands and share the post.

The competition was active until 1 a.m more than 100,000 Likes and more than 30,000 comments. On the other hand, La Desnuda’s profile has more than 60,000 followers since publishing her first post a few weeks ago.

100,000 followers in 24 hours

In May 2021, they launched a competition via their Instagram account in which seven people could receive free clothing from the brand for life. They did it in just 10 hours more than 1 million shares and 100,000 new followers. The aim of this campaign was to reward the loyalty of followers and give the brand awareness.

The raffle rules stipulated that the seven winners would receive two free items of clothing every month for life. So for a 20-year-old person, that would mean receiving around 1,500 items.

€300,000 in gifts

Months later, The brand repeated the strategy. This time we are giving it away to his followers €300,000 in gifts: 100,000 euros gift cards, 5 skydives, 300 Hoodies600 t-shirts, 3 nude skateboards and 1 nude painting.

Among the results of the campaign they more than underline this 500,000 people took part in the raffle and gained 100,000 new followers in less than 12 hours. Furthermore, this initiative helped them Increase sales by 80% in relation to the previous day and received 200,000 visits to the website.

Nude Project x Rauw Alejandro

Another bet from Nude Project was Collaborations with brand ambassadors. Specifically, they started a strategy Rauw Alejandro. After receiving clothes from the brand as a gift, he finally called them to offer them a collaboration. So together they designed some sweatshirts to accompany the release of their album Trap Cake Vol.2.

The Puerto Rican singer celebrated the album’s release on his Instagram by eating a cake and wearing one Two hoodies that make up this collection: in chocolate brown and cloud blue.

Black Friday

The company is characterized by taking advantage of favorable moments. Inside Black Friday 2021 They wanted to test their followers by trolling. Through The team leaked a trick from a TechToker to “hack” them. website to be able to Access Black Friday discounts before anyone else.

So the trick was shared and the website was created will increase your daily visits by 212%. In addition to the sales success, thousands of Nude Project followers sent worrying messages informing them of the leak.

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