The 41 workers who were rescued after being trapped in a tunnel in India for 17 days are being examined in hospital

The 41 Indian workers who were rescued after 17 days of stay trapped in a tunnel They are under construction in northern India and underwent a medical examination this Wednesday at the hospital to which they were transferred last night. Afterwards they are expected to be released.

Some videos were recorded by the workers themselves at the city’s community health center Chinyalisaurin the northern state UttarakhandPictures from the Indian agency ANI show several of them walking through a large room full of beds, while others chat in small groups or talk on their cell phones.

“These are the 41 workers who were trapped inside. We are all doing well and healthy“says one of the workers in the video while recording and is greeted with a slight smile by some colleagues.

Brought to the health center with the help of military helicopters

The workers were brought to this health center with the help of military helicopters last night after their health was first checked in an improvised hospital outside the under-construction tunnel in which they were trapped on November 12th collapse one of its sections.

On the same day a long rescue 17 days in which two tunnel boring machines, hundreds of workers and specialized miners were deployed to open a cavity in the nearly 60-meter-thick rubble wall that separated workers from the entrance.

After several setbacks in the form of mishaps or obstructions during the drilling work, rescuers managed to pull through yesterday Complete the escape route and insert the last pipe, almost a meter in diameter, through which the workers escaped with the help of special stretchers that rescue teams pulled on a rope.

As soon as the medical examinations The workers, including several from other states in India, are expected to be released and allowed to leave with their families, who were already outside the tunnel at the time of the rescue yesterday.

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