The 4 sacrificed by Atlético to surprise Haaland

For the directive, balancing the charges has become the only sustainable step of this fact at present

Every day that passes, the need for Atlético de Madrid to obtain the pass of a striker with the characteristics of Erling Braut Haaland. But this process has several triggers against it; such as the financial aspect and the decision-making power of the largest on the planet that monitors it.

For this reason, and trying to cover their backs in the first of them, they have been based, trying to regulate the resources to be able to face the step in a much cleaner way. Hence, 4 designated come out; 4 players who with their departure could cover the transfer payment and release salary mass to assume their annual earnings.

Haaland LaLiga
Haaland has chosen LaLiga Santander over the Premier League.

Although the sacrifice is extensive, Atlético is willing to leave their skin in order to have Haaland in their ranks

One by one the names have been falling; and although the reality is that the mattress team needs to improve its production, that is achieved by managing the team. Saúl, Grbic and Vitolo are the first to appear on that list, names that, although they do not generate much commotion, do have a good economic margin in their hands.

The following is Álvaro Morata, who not only does not count for the mattress team, but has been complicated and much after not having reached an agreement with FC Barcelona. Some options remain in his hand that must continue to be analyzed as far as possible.

Bonus, a crack that also leaves would give enough room to finish organizing the topic

Lastly, and outside the official list designated by the management leadership, is that of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan has everything arranged to leave the mattress team at the end of his contract. That means that either to the MLS or to Aston Villa as has been speculated, the idea remains the same at the end of the course.

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There a good panorama opens up for the player to set aside an important salary that the club assumes, in someone who has long ceased to be important in the structure of the team and in the scoring margin that this entails. So everything is exposed and from now on it is a job dedicated 100% by the top managers.

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