The 4 news announced for Android during CES 2023

Google took part in the first big tech event of the year, CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and put its Android operating system in the spotlight. There, the North American technology company took the opportunity to announce excellent news soon on its platform.

As is customary, the North American company unveiled some of the novelties of its products and services during the Las Vegas conference. This year, the search giant unveiled some of the changes that will come to several of its services and applications present on the Android platform.

1. There is a new Android Auto now available to any user

android auto

The wait was long, but we finally have a complete version, out of the development and testing phase of Android Auto. The latest iteration is ready, in its stable and global version, available to any and all interested users with a compatible car.

The big news is in the new interface of the product, the “Coolwalk”, a completely renewed version that introduces the Material You design language. This is the same design philosophy present in Android 12 and Android 13 that we have in our smartphones, now also present in the entertainment and information centers of next-generation motor vehicles.

In addition, with this new version Android Auto presents an interface capable of better adapting to the different types, sizes and formats of screens in entertainment centers. In other words, regardless of the brand and type of car, the contents will be presented in a more useful, agile and easy-to-use way.

Although the new design is not the most relevant aspect of the new Android Auto, it will be one of the most noticeable. However, we also have the inclusion of the Google Assistant that will present more intelligent suggestions, reminding the user of missed calls.

At the same time, the Google assistant will also tell us how much time is left to reach a destination, giving us quick access to various entertainment content. That is, it will facilitate access to music, podcasts, among other content.

At the moment, the latest version of Android Auto also allows calls via WhatsApp, integrated into this platform, when combined with Google Pixel or Samsung smartphones.

2. Android has more news for new vehicles

Google took the opportunity to present other news about its services dedicated to cars. In particular, Waze will soon be directly compatible with more vehicles through the Android Automotive platform.

Also, Google promises high-definition maps for new cars like the Volvo EX90 models, as well as the Polestar 3 very soon.

It also announced support for the MGM+, or Tubi, services so that we can even watch movies on the entertainment center screens of our latest vehicles. The same applies to YouTube compatibility with these new vehicles.

Finally, Google announced that more automotive companies such as Ford and Honda are working to bring this platform to their latest vehicles.

3. Car keys arrive on Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones

android auto

Currently, it is already possible to have the car keys, in digital format, on our smartphone – depending on the car model and smartphone/operating system.

For example, BMW is one of the brands that has worked the most in this regard, expanding these capabilities such as the possibility of sharing the digital key with another person. However, currently only on Pixel smartphones at the moment.

Very soon, however, this could change, with key sharing also coming to new Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones later in the year.

4. Support for Spotify Connect on Android

The Android 13 operating system introduced a new media player with a new look. It features a new lock screen, a new system for the notification panel presented to the user, as well as a general design improvement.

We will also have new options to choose which Bluetooth device will serve as the search source for content and music for playback. All with support for Chromecast, plus the ability to play content on Spotify Connect devices.

Finally, these novelties will be gradually introduced by Google throughout this year on its platforms, always gradually and in stages.

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– Google Google) January 5, 2023

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