The 4 highest paid coaches in the world

The Lequipe newspaper publishes a list one of the best paid coaches in the world with the Argentine coach at the helm. Here in signings we tell you what they are The technicians with the highest salary of 2023 and those who lead the table, with a first place for Cholo Simeone and a twelfth for Xavi.

Ranking of the 4 highest paid coaches and the 8 that follow them:

  1. Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid) €34 million
  2. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City) €22.4 million
  3. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) €17.8 million
  4. Graham Potter (Chelsea) €13.5 million
  5. Max Allegri (Juventus) €12.8 million
  6. Thomas Tuchel (Bayern) €12 million
  7. Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid) €11 million
  8. Simone Inzaghi (Inter Milan) €10 million
  9. Jose Mourinho (Rome) €9.2 million
  10. Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen) €5 million
  11. Niko Kovac (Wolfsburg) €4 million
  12. Xavi Hernández €3.8 million

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