The future of Andrea Belotti still in the air. His contract with Torino ends in the summer of 2022 and he has no intention of renewing because he wants to make a leap in the quality of his career after several seasons at the club that saw him born as an Italian football star. It is time for a change of scene.

His recent performance has made him a target for several major teams in Europe. Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla They showed interest in him at the time, but it seems that they have lost ground because the player has no intention of leaving Italy unless they make him an important offer at the salary level and they offer him ownership, which he wants from the first moment .

Belotti He has not made a decision yet, but everything seems to indicate that his choice will come hand in hand with a project that can offer him to play the UEFA Champions League with continuity and where he does not feel less important than the rest.

The 4 clubs that prepare offers for Andrea Belotti

-Juventus of Turin: The economic situation of Vecchia Signora is more than complicated, so it cannot be involved in the bid for Vlahovic. Plan B is Belotti, who may have a serious shot at being the starting striker for a big club.

-Lazio: He would be the companion of Immobile, who does not have many years left in the elite either.

-Milan: The rossonero team is looking for a forward who can relieve Ibrahimovic and Giroud.

-Inter de Milan: Dzeko is performing at a high level, but he is not in a position to remain in the elite for many more years. An interesting signing.



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